Historia Del Testamento Vecchio Dipinta In Roma Nel Vaticano Da Raffaelle Di Urbino Al' Illre. Sigre. Gioseppe Bernagli, Giovanni Orlandi D.D.D.

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[Si stampa in Roma: apresso Giovanni Orlandi con licensa de superiori, lanno 1613]

Physical Description

Engr. t.-pl., 50 pl.; 176×229 mm. (Oblong quarto).

Responsibility Note

The engraved title-plate is signed 'Baldass. Aloisi, Bon; Fe'.


Italy. Ministero Per I Beni Culturali E Ambientali. Istituto Nazionale Per La Grafica, Raphael Invenit: Stampe Da Raffaello Nelle Collezioni Dell'Istituto Nazionale Per La Grafica: Catalogo (1985), p.80-81, 396-401; Illustrated Bartsch, 40 (1982).

Summary Note

No publication-date appears on the title-plate of the Royal Academy's copy, but in this copy the plates have been cut and pasted in, so an imprint may have been lost in the cutting. The catalogue of the Istituto Nazionale Per La Grafica, Rome, records a title-plate identical to that of the Royal Academy but reading 'Al'm.to' instead of 'Al'' and concluding, 'Si stampa in Roma appresso Giovanni Orlandi con licensa de superiori lanno 1613'.

The plates show paintings made by Raphael in the Vatican Loggie, depicting scenes from the Hebrew Bible and (despite the title of this publication) four events recorded in the Gospels. Each plate is captioned with a quotation from the Bible, translated into Latin. The title-page vignette shows the arms of the dedicatee, Bernagli.


Front pastedown carries an 18th-century armorial book-plate. Recorded in RAA Library, Catalogue, 1802.

Copy Note

The plates have all been cut and pasted in. On the title-plate the word 'Al'' has been struck out and the word 'Al'mto.' substituted, in ink.

Binding Note

18th-century red morocco; upper and lower covers gilt-tooled with armorial device; spine gilt-tooled.

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Mural paintings, Italian - Mural painting and decoration, Italian - Paintings, Italian - Paintings, European - Palaces - Italy - Rome - Vatican City - Vatican Palace (Rome) - History - 16th century - Renaissance
Bible stories - Christian art and symbolism
Pictorial works - 17th century


Raphael, source artist
Gioseppe Bernagli, dedicatee
Giovanni Orlandi, publisher
Baldassare Aloisi Galanini, engraver