Funerali Di Giacomo III. Re Della Gran Brettagna Celebrati Per Ordine Di Nostro Signore Papa Clemente XIII. L'Anno MDCCLXVI.

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In Roma: Per Gioacchino, E Giangiuseppe Salvioni Stampatori Pontificj Vaticani - Nell'Archiginnasio Della Sapienza., (1766)

Physical Description

xxxi, [1] p., frontis., [2] fold. pl.: [8] vignettes; 436 mm. (Quarto.)


[Frontis., t.p.] - [Text with 2 pl.].

Responsibility Note

The frontispiece is signed as designed and drawn by Petrus Angeletti and engraved by Antonius Capellan. The first plate is signed as designed by Paulus Posi and drawn by Ioannes Baptista Marchetti, and engraved by Ioseph Vasi. The second plate is unsigned by draughtsman or engraver; but carries the imprint, 'Romæ ex Chalcographia R.C.A. apud Curiam Innocenzianam.'

Most in-text vignettes are unsigned; but that on p. xvi is signed by a draughtsman and an engraver whose names are now illegible; the initial on p. xvii is signed as made by Giardoni; the vignette on p. xxi is signed as designed and drawn by Ant. Nessi and engraved by Alexius Giardoni.

Summary Note

On page xv the age of the dead - '77 e 6 mesi' - is given in a cancel-slip.

The frontispiece is an allegory, showing a tomb, surrounded with symbols of Death, Time and Royalty, above which appears a portrait of James. The first folding plate, captioned 'Funeris Apparatus ...', shows the lying-in-state in the church of the Holy Apostles, Rome. The second folding plate, captioned 'Translatio Corporis Iacobi III ...', shows the funeral procession from the church of the Holy Apostles to St. Peter's.

The book is further decorated with eight vignettes (including title-page vignette, head-pieces, tail-pieces and decorated initials).


The verso of the front loose endpaper is inscribed in pencil, 'S.A.H.', i.e. S.A. Hart, librarian of the Royal Academy 1864-81.

Binding Note

19th-century quarter red morocco, mottled-papered boards; spine lettered 'Funerali Di Giacomo III. - 1746.'

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Funerals - Ceremonies - Processions - Temporary structures - Catafalques - Italy - Lazio - Rome - Church of the Holy Apostles - Vatican City - History - 18th century
Funeral books - Italy - 18th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 18th century


Gioacchino Salvioni, publisher
Giangiuseppe Salvioni, publisher
Pietro Angeletti, draughtsman
Antonio Capellan, engraver
Paolo Posi, source artist
Giovanni Battista Marchetti, draughtsman
Giuseppe Vasi, engraver
Antonio Nessi, draughtsman
Alexius Giardoni, engraver
Catholic Church - Camera Apostolica, intaglio printer