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Deorum. Concilium In. Pinciis. Burghesianis. Hortis Ab. Eq. Ioanne. Lanfranco. Parmensi Tum. Spirantibus. Ad. Vivum. Imaginibus Tum. Monocromatibus. Atque. Ornamentis Mira. Pingendi. Arte. Expressum A. Petro. Aquila. Ad. Similitudinem. Delineatum. Et. Incisum Illmo: et Excellentissmo: D. Joanni Baptistæ Burghesio Sulmonæ Principi. In Tuis Hesperidum auro splendidioribus Hortis, tanquam in Cælesti Conclavi, ac domicilio, convocatis Numinibus, cum Iove assidet Aquila, mitisque custos invigilat Draco Sunt hæc Exme. Princeps, eruditæ Picturæ figmenta, quæ Munificentiam, cæterasq. præfulgentes Virtutes Tuas cælo dignas, Heroasq. Burghesios cælo receptos adumbrat. Adeo insignia Ornamenta, ab exemplaribus ad similitudinem delineata, Meisque typis deprompta, cum Tua sint, Tuo nomini sacro, perpetuum Devoti animi mei monumentum. Humillimus Servus Jo. Jacobus de Rubeis

RA Collection: Book

Record number



Io. Iacobi de Rubeis Formis, Romæ ad Templ. S. M. de Pace cu' Priv. S. Pont.: [1675?]

Physical Description

T.-pl., [7] pl. (dble., fold.); 430 mm. (Folio).

General Note

The first pl. after the t.-pl. consists of two dble. pl. joined together (providing an overview of the ceiling).

Responsibility Note

Apart from the title plate, each plate is signed as painted by Lanfranco and drawn and engraved by Aquila.

Each plate carries the publisher's imprint: 'Typis Io. Iacobi de Rubeis ...' or 'Jo. Jacob. de Rubeis formis Romæ ...'.

The work is dedicated by the publisher to Prince Giovanni Battista Borghese.

Summary Note

This is a pictorial record of Lanfranco's ceiling fresco of 'The council of the gods', painted in 1624-1625 in the central hall of the Casino of the Villa Borghese for Cardinal Scipione Borghese. There is no text, apart from the engraved title-plate.

The first plate after the title-plate shows an overview of the whole ceiling, and is captioned 'Deorum Concilium, in medio concionante Iove ...'. The remaining six plates show details of the surrounding cove, chiefly representing architecture and sculpture - uncaptioned, apart from the second, which is captioned, 'Varia Architecturae atque Picturae ornamenta et emblemata ...sex exemplaribus ... flumina ac Nymphae ...'.


Recorded in RAA Library, Catalogue, 1802.

Binding Note

18th-century vellum; spine lettered 'Bourdon Lanfranco'. Bound with Barberinæ Aulæ Fornix Romæ and [Suite des paysages] by Bourdon.

Name as Subject


Gods, Greek - Gods, Roman - Mythology, Greek - Mythology, Roman - Iconography
Ceilings - Painting, Italian - Fresco painting - Frescoes - Interior decoration - Villas - Italy - Rome - Villa Borghese (Rome) - History - 17th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 17th century


Giovanni Lanfranco, source artist
Pietro Aquila, draughtsman, engraver
Giovanni Giacomo de' Rossi, publisher
Giovanni Battista Borghese Prince, dedicatee