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Denkmale der Baukunst vom 7ten bis zum 13ten Jahrhundert am Nieder-Rhein, herausgegeben von Sulpiz Boisserée.

Sulpiz Boisserée

RA Collection: Book

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Variant Title

Monumens D'Architecture Du VIIe Jusqu'au XIIe Siècle Situés Sur Les Bords Du Rhin, Publiés Par Sulpice Boisserée.
Denkmale der Baukunst am Nieder-Rhein


München,: in der J.G. Cotta'schen literarisch-artistischen Anstalt., 1833.

Physical Description

[8], 41, [1] p., 72 pl. (2 dble., 4 fold.); 515 mm. (Folio.)

General Note

As the work was published serially, some copies do not have the full complement of plates.


[Half-t., t.p., dedic.] - Vorwort - [Text] - Inhaltsverzeichniss - [Plates].

Responsibility Note

Most plates do not carry a draughtsman's name, but some are signed as drawn by Domenico Quaglio, one as drawn by Fuchs and one as by C. Bühler. Most carry the names of lithographers - Wilhelm Müller, I. Bergmann, Alois Kurz, Hegi or F. Schnorr (a few plates are signed as engraved, rather than lithographed). The printer is named on the half-title verso: 'Gedruckt bei Dr. Carl Wolf in München'. The work is dedicated to 'Meinem Bruder Melchior, meiner Schwester Marianne, und meinem Freunde Johann Bertram'.


Royal Institute of Britis Architects, British Architectural Library ... Early printed books, 1 (1994), no. 320, p.179-80. The impact of the Boisserée brothers is described in U. Heckmann, Die Sammlung Boisseree: Konzeption un Rezeptionsgeschichte (2003). On the 'Romanesque Revival' see C. Mignot, Architecture of the nineteenth century in Europe (1984).

Summary Note

In the Royal Academy's copy there has been bound in before the half-title the upper folder of one of the livraisons, carrying a title in French, 'Monuments D'Architecture Du VIIe. Jusqu'au XIIIe. Siècle Situés Sur Les Bords Du Rhin, Publiés Par Sulpice Boisserée. Livraison. Munic, Librairie De i.e. Cotta.', and the date 'MDCCCXXX.' Several plates carry publication-dates, of 1830, 1831 or 1832. (The British Library's copy is catalogued as carrying the date of 1844 ... ) The plates are captioned, and show views and elevations of Romanesque buildings in Cologne and elsewhere, with some plans and architectural details, as follows: pl. 1. Kapelle S. Martin, Bonn; 2-9. Kirche S. Maria, Köln; 10-15. Abteikirche S. Martin, Köln; 16-20. Kirche S. Aposteln, Köln; 21-24. Kapelle an der Stiftskirche S. Georg, Köln; 25-26, Abteikirche zu Laach; 27-28. Stiftskirche zu Komburg, Schwäbisch-Halle; 29-30. Kirche S. Pantaleon, Köln; 31-33. Kirche S. Gereon, Köln; 34-36. Wohnhäuser, Köln; 37-38. Erenthor an der Stadt Köln, u. Grabmal; 39-44. Abteikirche zu Heisterbach; 45-49. Pfarrkirche, Andernach; 50-52. Kirche S. Quirin, Neuss; 53-55. Pfarrkirche, Sinzig; 56. Münster, Bonn; 57-58. Kapitelhaus, Kreuzgang der Abtei Rommersdorf; 59-60. Klostergebäude der Abtei Altenberg, Köln; 61-63. Kirche S. Gereon, Köln; 64-66. Klosterkirche Sion, Köln; 67-72. Kirche S. Kunibert, Köln. Three plates are printed in color.


Architecture - Churches - Monasteries - Germany - Nordrhein-Westfalen - Rhineland - Rhine Valley - Cologne - History - Romanesque
Views - Elevations - Plans - Germany - 19th century
Pictorial works - Planographic prints - Lithographs - Colour printing - Germany - 19th century


Melchior Boisserée, dedicatee
Johann Baptist Bertram, dedicatee
Johann Friedrich Cotta, publisher, bookseller
Marianne Boisserée, dedicatee
Domenico Quaglio, draughtsman
Wilhelm Müller, lithographer
Alois Kurz, lithographer
Hegi, engraver
F. Schnorr, lithographer
Carl Wolf, printer
J. G. Cottasche Buchhandlung, bookseller