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Impresse In Parma: Nella Calcografia Dell'Illustre Professore E Celebre Incisore Signor Cavaliere Paolo Toschi Co' Suoi Stessi Torchi Dall'Abile Suo Calcografo Angelo Allodi Parmigiano. [Monogram] (Stamperia Carmignani)., (1837)

Physical Description

[2] p., 16 col. (on eight pages), port., 74 pl.; 434×600 mm.

General Note

Columns 1, 2, do not carry numbers; columns 3-12 are misnumbered 4-13. The 74 plates, besides carrying numbers 1-74 top left also carry other numbers at top or bottom right.


[T.p.] - [Note] - [Port.] - Vita Di Francesco Londonio / Vie De François Londonio; [note]; [approbation] - [Plates].

Responsibility Note

The portrait of Londinio is signed as drawn and engraved by Angelo Rassena from a miniature acquired from Londinio's heirs by A. Franchetti, and printed by A. Allodi on the press of Toschi.

The seventy-four numbered plates are all signed as painted or drawn by F. Londinio and as engraved by him. They are also signed as printed by Angelo Allodi on the press of Toschi.

Each carries the imprint of Antonio Franchetti as print-seller and owner of the prints.

The monogram on the title-page appears to be that of 'AF' (Antonio Franchetti) or that of 'DCAF' (Domenico Crescini and Antonio Franchetti).

The Vita appears above the names of Domenico Crescini and Antonio Franchetti as publishers.


S. Coppa, ed., Tra Arcadia e Illuminismo in Lombardia: la raccolta di studi di Francesco Londonio [exhibition catalogue] (2002).

Summary Note

No publication-date is carried by the title-page; but the note on its verso states that the work was first published in 1836 by Antonio Franchetti and that the engravings were acquired by Crescini and Franchetti from Londonio's heirs in 1837. The approbation also carries the date 1837. The plates numbered 1-74 also carry other numbers, indicating earlier series of publication, and some carry 18th-century dates within the plate.


Ordered to be purchased for the Library at a meeting of the RA Council on 16 November 1841.

Binding Note

19th-century half pigskin, green cloth-covered boards; spine lettered 'Francesco Londonio's Work', 'R.A.' and '1783'.

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Animals - Livestock - Cattle - Cows - Sheep - Goats - Animal husbandry - Herdsmen - Shepherds - Cowherds - Agricultural laborers - People - Men - Women - Children - Pastoral - Rural areas - Farms - Landscapes (environments) - Italy - History - 18th century
Landscapes (representations) - Drawings - Engravings - Italy - 18th century - 19th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 19th century


Francesco Londonio, source artist, draughtsman, engraver
Paolo Toschi, intaglio printer
Angelo Allodi, intaglio printer
Domenico Crescini, publisher
Antonio Franchetti, publisher
Angelo Rassena, draughtsman, engraver
Stamperia Carmignani (Parma), printer