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Coleccion Lithographica De Cuadros Del Rey De España El Señor Don Fernando VII Obra dedicada á S.M. lithographiada pór hábiles artistas bajo la direccion de D. Jose De Madrazo Pintor de Cámara de S.M. Director en la Rl. Académia de S. Fernando, Académico do mérito de la insigne de S. Lucas en Roma.

Museo Nacional Del Prado (Madrid)

RA Collection: Book

Record number



Variant Title

Coleccion Litografica


Madrid: En El Real Establecimiento lithographico., 1826. (-1832.)

Physical Description

2 tom. in 4 parts; 593 mm.

General Note

Tom. I. Pt.1: [100] p., frontis. (port.), pl. 1-46. - Tom. I. Pt.2: [100] p., pl. 47-94. - Tom. II. Pt.1: [110] p., frontis. (port.), [2] pl. and pl. 95-142. - Tom. II. Pt.2: [94] p., pl. 143-186. The plates of the four parts do not themselves carry numbers but each is assigned a number in the accompanying explanatory letter-press. The National Art Library, London, catalogues a set having 200 plates.


Tom. I. Pt.1: [T.p., dedic.] - [Frontis. (port.)] - Oda ... - [Plates 1-46, with texts]. - Tom. 1. Pt.2: [Half-title] - [Plates 47-94, with texts] - Indice Del Tomo Primero. - Tom. II. Pt.1: [Half-title, t.p.] - Á La Reyna N.S. Soneto - [Frontis. (port.)] - Prologo - Descripcion Del Real Museo construido en el Prado ... [with 2 pl.] - [Plates 95-142, with texts]. - Tom. II. Pt.2: [Note] - [Plates 143-186, with texts] - Indice Del Tomo Segundo - Lista De Los Señores Subscriptores.

Responsibility Note

The explanatory texts of Tom. I:1 are signed as by J.A. Cean-Bermudez, apart from one by J. de Madrazo. Those of Tom. I:2 and Tom. II:1, 2 are all signed by José Musso y Valiente apart from five by Pedro de Madrazo. The two odes to the King in Tom. I are signed by Juan Miguel de Arrambide and Alberto de Lista respectively; the Soneto to Queen Cristina in Tom. II is signed by J.B. Arriaza.

The frontispiece portrait of the King in Tom. I:1 is signed as painted by J. de Madrazo and engraved by F. De Craene; that of the Queen in Tom. II:1 as painted by J. de Madrazo and lithographed by the Real Establecimiento Litografico. The two unnumbered plates of Tom. II:1 (showing the Museum) are signed with the name of Carlos de Vargas ('lo dibujo') and the engravers V. Camaron and Asselineau. All other plates carry the name of the source-artist and that of the engraver. The engravers were Florencio De Craene, J. Jollivet, F. Blanchard, Pharamundo Blanchard, Pablo Guglielmi, Gaspar Sensi, Achilles Parboni, Vicente Camaron, Juan Antonio Lopez, Antonio Guerrero, J. Abricot, A.G. Villamil, (H)Enrique Blanco, J. Marcos Bausac, Alexandro Blanco, L. Albini, C. Rodriguez, Victor Alexis, J. Abrial, Pic. de Leopol, Luis Zoellner, G. (or Cayetano) Palmaroli, C. Legrand, F. Bellay, Augusto Guglielmi, Asselineau, L. Canon, Ro. Amérigo, F. de la Costa, J. Torro, Ramon Beltran, C. Zoellner, P.J. Feillet, F. de la Torre, J? B. Mateu, F. Taylor. The headpiece of the Soneto to the Queen is signed as designed by Federico de Madrazo and lithographed by the Real Establecimiento Litografico.

Each plate carries the imprint of the Real Establecimiento Lithographico.


José de Madrazo, 1781-1859, ed. J.L. Díez [exhibition catalogue] (1998); Los Madrazo: una familia de artistas [exhibition catalogue] (1985); J. Clisson-Aldama, Juan Agustín Ceán Bermúdez: escritor y critico de bellas artes (1982).

Summary Note

A variant spelling of the title occurs in Tomo Segundo, 'Coleccion Litografica ...'. Although the title page of Tome II:1 is dated 1832, the note at the beginning of Tom. II:2 refers to the death of King Ferdinand VII, which occurred in 1833.

The plates show paintings by Albano, Andrea del Sarto (4 plates), A. Arias, J. Both (2 pl.), E. Cajes, A. Cano (3 pl.), V. Carducho (2 pl.), F. Castel(l)o (2 pl.), Claude Lorrain (7 pl.), A. van Dyck (3 pl.), G. Poussin (4 pl.), C. Giaquinto (2 pl.), Guido (2 pl.), Juan de Juanes (5 pl.), J. Leonardo (2 pl.), B.G. Llorente, Murillo (11 pl.), Veronese (3 pl.), J. Pantoja de la Cruz, Parmegianino (2 pl.), Raphael, F. de Ribalta, J. Ribera (2 pl.), Salvator Rosa, Rubens (7 pl.), A. Sancho Coello, F. Sneyders (3 pl.), P. Spierings (2 pl.), Velasquez (17 pl.), Leonardo da Vinci, F. Barocci, J. Breughel, Bronzino, A. Carracci, M. Cefrezo, C. Coello, B. Crespi, L. Jordan (2 pl.), Mignart, I. von Ostade (3 pl.), J. Parcelles, N. Poussin (3 pl.), Sassoferrato, D. Teniers (7 pl.), Titian (4 pl.), P. de Vos (2 pl.).


6 December 1827: 'Resolved that the Academy subscribe to a series of Lithographic Prints now publishing from the Royal Pictures in Spain, recommended to the President & Council by D. Wilkie Esq. R.A.' (RA Council Minutes, VII, 219).

21 February 1828: £13 ordered to be paid to Wilkie for 10 numbers (RA Council Minutes, VII, 240).

Binding Note

19th-century half calf, marbled-papered boards; red morocco spine-label lettered 'Coleccion Litografica De Cuadros Del Rey De Espana El Senor Don Fernando', spine lettered 'Tomo I. P. I (- Tomo 2. P. 2)', 'R.A.' and '1826 (-1832)'.

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