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Choix De Peintures De Pompéi (la plupart de sujet historique, lithographiées en couleur par M. Roux, et pub. avec l'explication archéologique de chaque peinture et une introduction sur l'histoire de la peinture chez les Grecs et chez les Romains, par M. Raoul-Rochette ... )

RA Collection: Book

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(Paris,: Imprimé par autorisation du roi à l'Impr. royale,, 1844-1851.)

Physical Description

321, [1] p., 28 pl.: illus.; 612 mm. (Quarto.)


[Divisional t.-p., 'Première Partie. Amours Des Dieux'] - [Text, with caption-title, 'Choix De Peintures De Pompéi. Première Partie. Amours Des Dieux', on plates 1-19, with illus.] - [Divisional t.p., 'Seconde Partie. Temps Héroïques'] - [Text, with caption-title, 'Seconde Partie. Temps Héroïques', on plates 21-27, with illus.] - [Plates 1-28].

Responsibility Note

All 28 plates are signed as lithographed by H. Roux and chromolithographed by Engelmann & Graf.


On the impact of the publication of the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum see bibliographic notes on Le Pitture Antiche D'Ercolano E Contorni (1757-91) and F. Mazois, Les Ruines De Pompéi (1824-38).

Summary Note

The work has no title-page. The Royal Academy's copy begins with a divisional title-page reading 'Première Partie. Amours Des Dieux.'; and the caption-title at the head of the first page of text reads, 'Choix De Peintures De Pompéi. Première Partie. Amours Des Dieux'. The extended title which we have given above is taken from the catalogue entry of the National Art Library, where it is said to be taken from the book's cover. The publication-date and the rest of the imprint are from the same source; but the British Library gives the publication-date as 1844-53 and Cambridge University Library as 1848-56. Both the National Art Library and the British Library state that in its present form the work comprises seven livraisons, and that an eighth livraison was never published, which would have contained four more plates, title-page, preface, index and more text.

The text is in two parts - Part 1, 'Amours Des Dieux' (on pl. 1-19), and Part 2, 'Temps Héroïques' (on pl. 21-27). There is no text specifically devoted to pl. 20. This plate appears to belong to Part 2, for it is on the same subject as plate 21 (Achilles on Scyros), but whereas pl. 21 shows a painting, pl. 20 shows a mosaic. Nor is there text devoted to plate 28.


Paintings, Roman - Mural painting and decoration - Italy - Campania - Pompeii (extinct city) - History - 1st century
Mythology, Greek - Mythology, Roman - Gods - Goddesses - Heroes
Art history - France - 19th century
Pictorial works - Colour printing - Chromolithographs - Lithographs - France - 19th century