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Antiqua Numismata Aurea Et Argentea Praestantiora Et Aerea maximi Moduli Quae In Regio Thesauro Magni Ducis Etruriae Adservantur Cum Observationibus Antonii Francisci Gorii Publici Historiarum Professoris.

Antonio Francesco Gori

RA Collection: Book

Record number



Variant Title

Museo Fiorentino; [4, 5, 6].


Florentiae.: Anno. M.D.CC.XXXX. (-MDCCXXXXII.), Ex Typographia Francisci Moücke. Praesidum Permissu.

Physical Description

3 vols.; 454 mm. (Quarto).

Series Title

Museum Florentinum ;: [4, 5, 6].

General Note

Vol. I: xxii, [ii] p., 6, 115 pl. (Most plates show several coins.) - Vol. II: xl, 205, [3] p.; [2] illus. - Vol. III: lii, 274, [2] p; [1] illus.


Vol. I: [Half-t., add. t.-p. (series title), t.p., dedic.] - Lectori - Approbationes - Prospectus [table of contents] - [Plates]. - Vol. II: [Half-t.; t.-p.] - Descriptio Numismatum; Locorum Quorumdam Emendationes - Prospectus [table of contents] - Observationes - Adprobationes; Chartarum Series [binder's register]; [colophon]. - Vol. III: [Half-t.; t.-p.] - Lectori - Descriptio Numismatum - Prospectus [list of contents] - Observationes - Index Inscriptionum - Index Geographicus - Index Typorum - Index Quo Viri - Index Rerum - Mantissa [corrections to earlier volumes in the series] - Chartarum Series [binder's register]; [colophon].

Responsibility Note

All plates, decorations and illustrations are signed as drawn by I.D. Campiglia (or 'G.D.C.'), except the vignette on p. xxii of the first volume and the illustration on p.10 of the second volume (repeated on p. xiii of the third volume), which are signed as drawn and engraved by Io. Menabuoni (or 'I.M.'). All the plates, one illustration and some decorations are signed as engraved by V. Franceschini; other decorations are signed as engraved by C. Gregori or I.B. Iacobonus.

The colophons state that the work was printed 'Sumptibus Sociorum Nobilium Florentinum'.

The publication is dedicated by the 'Editores' to Francis, Grand Duke of Tuscany (who in 1745 became also Holy Roman Emperor).


F. Bassoli, Antiquarian books on coins and medals (2001); M. McCrory, 'Coins at the courts of Innsbruck and Florence: the numismatic cabinets of Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol and Grand Duke Francesco I de' Medici', in Journal Hist. Coll., 6:2 (1994), p.153-73; Medals and coins from Bude to Mommsen, ed. M. Crawford et al. (1990); F. Bassoli, Monete e medaglie nel libro antico (1985).


Acquired between 1769 and 1802. Recorded in RAA Library, Catalogue, 1802.

Binding Note

Two volumes are bound in 18th-century diced calf, with gilt-decorated spines, lettered, 'Museum Florent Tom IV (V)'. The third is in 20th-century half calf, with marbled-papered boards and unlettered spine.


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