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001 $ 05/214
003 $ UK-LoRAA
041 0 # $a eng
044 # # $a xxu
100 1 # $a Muybridge, Eadweard
245 1 0 $a Animal Locomotion. An Electro-Photographic Investigation Of Consecutive Phases Of Animal Movements. 1872-1885. By Eadweard Muybridge. Published Under The Auspices Of The University Of Pennsylvania. Plates. The Plates Printed By The Photo-Gravure Company.
260 # # $a Philadelphia: $c 1887. Author's Edition.
300 # # $a 11 parts; $c 460×595 mm.
500 # # $a The eleven-part work contains 781 numbered plates. But its accompanying prospectus - Animal locomotion: an electro-photographic investigation of consecutive phases of animal movements; prospectus and catalogue of plates - contains a removable subscription leaf, enabling subscribers to make their own selection of plates. Therefore the content of sets varies greatly. This set of the Royal Academy contains a title page and 21 plates, numbered 565, 616, 626, 647, 659, 710, 721, 739, 755, 3, 152, 174, 187, 214, 465, 471, 279, 289, 347, 133, 408. (The Academy also holds, without title-page, duplicates of seven plates of the present selection and a further 76 plates - housed and catalogued separately.)
505 0 # $a [T.p.] - [Plates].
508 # # $a Each plate carries the copyright of Eadweard Muybridge and the date 1887.
510 0 # $a R. Solnit, Motion studies: time, space and Eadweard Muybridge (2003); Time stands still, ed. P. Prodger [exhibition catalogue] (2003); Silent motion, ed. J.F. Walker [exhibition catalogue] (2001); Actes du Colloque Marey / Muybridge, ed. J. Delimita (1996); Motion and document, sequence and time: Eadweard Muybridge and contemporary American photography, ed. J.L. Sheldon and J. Reynolds [exhibition catalogue] (1991); Eadweard Muybridge, Animal Locomotion: images from the Philadelphia years, ed. R.J. Phelan and T.W. Wells [exhibition catalogue] (1985); Eadweard Muybridge, the Stanford years, 1872-1882, ed. A.V. Mozley et al. [exhibition catalogue] (1972). B. Coe, The history of movie photography (1981).

Studies of the relation between photography and other arts include The art of photography, 1839-1989, ed. M. Weaver [exhibition catalogue] (Houston, Canberra and London Royal Academy, 1989); W.M. Freitag, 'Early uses of photography in the history of art', in Art journal (Winter 1979-80), p. 117-23; A. Scharf, Art and photography (1968); The painter and the photograph, ed. Van Deren Coke [exhibition catalogue] (1964).
520 2 # $a Of the 781 plates 562 show men, women and children, nude, semi-nude or clothed, and 219 other animals (95 of the horse). Each plate presents a series of 'stills' showing the various stages of a complete movement. The present selection of the numbered plates shows [with titles taken from the 'prospectus and catalogue', where known]: a dray-horse (565: 'Hauling; dark-gray Belgian horse Dusel'); man on horse (616: 'Canter; saddle, bay horse Daisy'); man on horse (626); man on horse (647: 'Jumping a hurdle; bareback; rider ...'); mule (659: 'Mule bucking and kicking, Ruth'); dog (710); lion (721: 'Lion, walking'); Bactrian camel (739); bird (755); man walking (3); man jumping (152: 'Jumping, running, straight high jump (shoes)'); woman skipping (174); woman dancing (187: 'Dancing, fancy'); woman and child (214, 465); child (471); man with bat (279); man bowling (289); two men wrestling (347); woman (133); two women bathing (408).

Muybridge began photographing the motion of the horse in 1872, and continued this with an improved shutter working at the speed of a thousandth of a second and with banks of cameras from 1877. From 1884 his photographs of human and other animal motion were made at Pennsylvania University - this production of the Photo-gravure Company was one of the most complex in the history of collotype. Muybridge's studies demonstrated that artists' traditional depictions of the positions of moving animals had been untrue to nature.

Many examples of Muybridge's work were bequeathed to Kingston-on-Thames Public Library (see Kingston Museum, Eadweard Muybride: the Kingston Museum bequest, 2004), and may be seen at the Science Museum, London.
533 # # $n A reprint of the complete work was published in 1979 as Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion: all 781 pictures from the 1887 Animal Locomotion (3 vols; New York, Dover Publications, and London, Constable) (ISBN 0486237923/31/4X).
561 # # $a The front pastedown carries the bookplate of the Royal Academy of Arts, inscribed in ink, 'Dame Laura Knight bequest'.
562 # # $a Incomplete; containing only 21 of the 781 plates.

The front endpaper is inscribed in ink, 'E.H. Dring Esq with the esteem of The Author Eadweard Muybridge 10th April 1900'.
563 # # $a 19th-century brown cloth-covered boards, upper cover carrying brown morocco label lettered, 'Animal Locomotion. By Eadweard Muybridge. 1872-1885. Plates. University Of Pennsylvania.'
653 # # $a Motion - Movement - People - Animals - Human locomotion - Animal locomotion - United States - 19th century
655 # 0 $a Motion photographs - Photomechanical prints - Pictorial works - United States - 19th century
700 1 # $a Muybridge $e previous owner
700 1 # $a Dring $e previous owner
700 1 # $a Knight $e previous owner $e donor
710 2 # $a University of Pennsylvania
710 2 # $a Photo-Gravure Company