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Alle De Wercken, soo Oude als Nieuwe, van den Heer Jacob Cats, Ridder, oudt Raadtpensionaris Van Hollandt, &c. Op nieus vermeerdert met des Autheurs tachtig-jarig Leven, Huyshoudinge en Bedenckingen op Zorg-vliet. De laatste Druk. Hier komen noch by des Dichters Gedachten Op Slapeloose Nachten, Nevens zijn gansche Twee En Tachtig-Jarig Leven, Door hemzelf in dichtmaat beschreven, en nooit voor deezen gedrukt. [Device]

Jacob Cats

RA Collection: Book

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Variant Title

Silenus Alcibiadis
Sinne- en minnebeelden
Monita Amoris Virginei
Emblemata Moralia
Spiegel van den ouden ende nieuwen tijdt


T'Amsterdam: by {Daniel Van Den Dalen, François Halma, De Wed. Van A. Van Someren., T'Utrecht: by J. En Wilhelm Vande Water. Boekverkopers, 1700.

Physical Description

2 parts in one volume; 375 mm. (Quarto.)

General Note

The two parts have separate pagination and signatures, but the second part begins not with a title-page carrying an imprint but with a divisional title-page. The last part of Part II has its own pagination and title-page with imprint, but is an integral part of Part II and is included in its list of contents ('Namen der Boecken In dit tweede Deel begrepen'). Part I: [28], [1]-342, 349-376, [2], 377-666, [10] p., add. engr. t.pl. (incl. port.), port.: illus. - Part II: [18], 608, 61, [1] p., add. engr. t.pl. (incl. port.), port., [5] pl. (three dble.): illus.


Part I: [Half-t., t.p., add. engr. t.pl. incl. port., dedic.] - Bericht van De Drukkers - [Poems to Cats] - Voor-Reden Over de Proteus, of Minne-Beelden ... - Aan De Zeeusche Jonck-vrouwen ...; [poems to Cats] - Namen Der Boecken in dit eerste Deel begrepen - [Port. of Cats (this is said to be found in other places in other copies, but it is engraved '1. Deel. Pag 1')] - [Div. t.p., 'Sinne- En Minne-Beelden ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Emblemata Moralia ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Monita Amorid Virginei ... Emblemate expressum ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'J. Cats Sflf-Stryt ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Sinne-Beeldt ... Des Christelycken Self-Stryts ... Johanna Coomans ... Johan Vander Meerschen ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Tooneel Der Mannelicke Achtbaerheyt ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Houwelick ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Houwelycks Derde Deel ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Houwelycks Vierde Deel ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Houwelycks Vyfde Deel ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Houwelycks Sesde Deel ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'J. Cats Galathea, Of Herders-Minneklacht'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'J. Cats Klagende Maegden ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'J. Cats Spiegel Van Den Ouden En Nieuwen Tyt'] - [Text] - Tafel Kortelijck behelsende de saken in 't Tooneel der Mannelijcke Achtbaarheyt verhandelt - Tafel, Op het Christelijck Huys-wijf .... - Part II: [Div. t.p., 'Alle de Wercken, soo Oude als Nieuwe, van den Heer Jacob Cats ... Tweede Deel'] - Namen Der Boecken In dit tweede Deel begrepen - [Add. engr. t.pl. incl. port.] - [Div. t.p., ''S Weerelts Begin, Midden, Eynde, Besloten in den Trou-Ringh ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Proefsteen Van Den Trouwring Het Tweede Deel'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Proefsteen Van Den Trouwring. Het Derde Deel'] - [Text] - Div. t.plate, 'Het Is Den Mensche Eens ... I. Cats Buyten Leven op Zorgvliet'] - [Div. t.p., 'J. Cats Ouderdom, Buyten-Leven ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Hof-Gedachten ,,,'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'J. Cats Invallen de Gedachten ...'] - [Text]; Korten Inhout Der invallende Gedachten ... - [Div. t.plate, 'I. Cats Koninglyke Herderinne Aspasia ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Afbeeldinge Van Het Huwelick ... Fuyck: Door J. Cats'] - [Double plate incl. divisional title, 'Afbeeldinghe Des Huwelyx ...'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'Dood-Kiste Voor De Levendige, Of Sinne-Beelden ...'] - [Text, and two dble. pl.] - [Div. t.p., 'J. Cats Tachtig-Jarige Bedenckingen ...'] - [Text] - [T.p., 'J. Cats Gedachten Op Slapeloose Nachten ... T'Amsterdam by {Daniel Van Den Dalen, François Halma, De Wed. Van A. Van Someren. T'Utrecht by J. En Wilhem Vande Water. Boekverkopers 1700.'] - [Text] - [Div. t.p., 'J. Cats Twee En Tachtig-Jarig Leven ...'] - [Text]; Korten Inhout Van de Gedachten op Slapeloose Nachten.

Responsibility Note

The added engraved title-plate of Part I is unsigned; that of Part II is signed as designed by A v Venne and engraved by M. Mosyn. The portrait of Cats in Part I is signed as painted by Dubordieu and engraved by Michael Natalis; that of Anna Maria Schurman in Part II, as drawn and engraved by S. v. Lamsweerde. Of the remaining five plates in Part II three are signed as designed by A v Venne, one is signed as drawn by C.v. Dalen and engraved by Ionge, one is signed as engraved by C.v. Dalen.

Many in-text illustrations are signed as designed by A.v. Venne, and as engraved by J. v Vianen, J. Swelinck, JC (or CJ?), PS, Ex. Silliman, A. Matham, C. van anchoren, D.V. Bremden, Wil. Hondius, C. Van Queboren, J. (or T.) Matham, J. Lamsfeld, C. de pas or M. Mousyn. A few are signed as designed by others than A. v. Venne - S. de Vlieger, I. Olis, I. Matham, C. de pas. Some woodcut endpieces are signed 'FDV'.

The publication is dedicated by the publishers Daniel Van Den Dalen, François Halma, De Wed. Van A. Van Someren and Wilhem Vande Water to Carel Baron Van Den Boetzelaer and Johan Paau.


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A study of Venne is L.J. Bol, Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne: painter and draughtsman (1989).

Studies of emblem-books include D. Sulzer, Poetik synthetisierender Künste und Interpretation der Emblematik (1992); B.F. Scholz, 'Emblematik: Entsehung und Erscheinungsweisen', in K. Weisstein, ed., Literatur und bildende Kunst (1992), p.113-37; K. Porteman, Inleiding tot de nederlandse embleemliteratuur (1977).

Summary Note

This is a compendium of reprints of several works by Jacob Cats, with reprints of earlier engravings (some carrying dates of 1626, 1627, 1630, 1657). The texts include Silenus Alcibiadis sive Proteus (first published in 1618 and reissued in 1628 as Sinne- en Minnebeelden) and Spiegel van den ouden ende nieuwen tijdt (first published in 1632). An earlier collected edition had been issued in 1655.

The texts are verses on social life and Christian ethics. From the start they were accompanied by images, designed by Adriaen van de Venne and executed by various engravers for different printers.

In this edition both parts carry added engraved title-plates incorporating a portrait of Cats, and each includes a second portrait (in Part I, of Cats; in Part II, of Anna Maria Schurman). Part II has a further five plates, two of them divisional title-plates and three of them double plates (captioned 'Afbeelding Des Huwelyx ...', 'Sic Transit Gloria Mundi' and 'Dodelycke Uytgang Van Syn').

Binding Note

18th-century half calf, grey-green cloth-covered boards; rebacked and recornered in 20th century, retaining earlier gilt-decorated spine-piece and red morocco spine lebel lettered 'Alle De Wercken Van Jacob Cats', spine lettered 'R. A.'

Name as Subject


Love - Ethics - Christianity - Emblems - Europe - History
Dutch - Social life and customs - Netherlands - 17th century
Emblem books - Dutch poetry - Proverbs - Dialogues - Netherlands - 17th century - 18th century
Pictorial works - Netherlands - 17th century - 18th century


Willem Van De Water, publisher
Van Someren widow of A. Van Someren, publisher?
Daniel Van Den Dalen, publisher
François Halma, publisher
Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne, draughtsman
Pieter Dubordieu, source artist
Michel Natalis, engraver
Jan van Vianen, engraver
Jan Gerrits Swelinck, engraver
Experiens Sillemans, engraver
Adriaen Matham, engraver
Jacob Matham, engraver?, draughtsman
Theodor Dirck Matham, engraver?
C. van Anchoren, engraver
Daniel van den Bremden, engraver
Willem Hondius, engraver
Crispin Van de Passe II, engraver, draughtsman
Michiel Mozyn, draughtsman, engraver
Jan Olis, draughtsman
Steven van Lamsweerde, draughtsman, engraver
Cornelis van Dalen I, draughtsman?, engraver?
Cornelis van Dalen II, draughtsman?, engraver?
Carel van den Boetzelaer, dedicatee
Johan Paau, dedicatee