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Sir Francis Seymour Haden

RA Collection: Archive

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Sir Francis Seymour Haden





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3 pieces

Content Description

He signs Spielmann's paper, but it must not be used unless there are 25 names to keep him company. He sends a sketch of a letter which Spielmann may say comes from him, but only privcately. Spielmann can equally throw it in the fire.

The letter sketch states that Spielmann's ideas are reasonable and feasible and that a majority of the Academicians will find no fault in them, but that there is a minority of Academicians to whom no proposals would ever be fair and reasonable. The minority is as unloved within the Academy as without it. Should they give a whole wall to these people and pursuade them it is a place of honour? Hang it with nothing but Herberts and Sidney Cooper's. Let them have an attractive name, not "the chamber of horrors", but "the Tribune". Should would be the success of this action no-one need ever hear of them again.