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Press Day information packs





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Folders compiled for distribution at specially convened press events. These occur, in the main, in the form of press day exhibition viewings for the purpose of critical review. The packs hold data held to be relevant and useful for the promotion of the exhibition and can include a definitive general press release concerning the nature and purpose of the show, an image sheet and supplementary releases covering merchandise, education programme and sponsors. Press releases written independently by sponsors are also frequently included. For the period c.1999-2014 press packs included CDs holding digital version of the contents.

Frequently this material is enclosed in a folder designed appropriately for the exhibition. All all cases where such a designed folder survives it has been retained. Only examples of the Academy's standard house-style type of folder have been kept.


Press Day information packs are regarded as the primary record of the Academy's interface with the press. They contain the archival example of releases that were also mailed out to the press. Therefore duplicate press releases have been removed from RAA/PRE/2/1 when they can be found here. Ordinarily press packs also contain an example of the leaflet and the gallery guide produced for each exhibition. These too have been removed, as an archival example of each of these document types is perserved as distinct archival series.

Standard Royal Academy branded folders have been removed in all cases but for those signifying a change in the Royal Academy visual identity.


When ever possible packs are collected by the archivist on the Press Day. However, packs are also preserved by the Press Office among their records and are transferred periodically under the records management programme. Appraisal makes good any gaps in the existing archive series.