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"M. Prieur", to [Ozias Humphry]

RA Collection: Archive

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"M. Prieur", to [Ozias Humphry]





Extent & medium

1 piece

Content Description

Imparting a gossipy account of goings on in the English community in Rome, Mr. Durno has been cleared of suspicion in a case involving a woman, as "Mr. J*ff**s" [James Jefferys?] has gained back the woman "decoy'd" by "Mr. S.", but only after threatening her with guns and threats of suicide; Miss H[adfield] is melancholy and many think she has fallen for "Mr. H**e" and wants to return to Rome, they also suspect this lies behind her refusing of Humphry; she discusses the Hadfields' plans, George is studying architecture; Mrs. Poggi is at Fiesole with her child; she bemoans the practice of giving babies to wet nurses.

The money she had saved money to spend on herself in France is now required in Rome due to Mr. B[anks]'s trouble with Mr. G[renville] has meant it must be spent now, and so she begs a loan from Humphry "her greatest friend and confident".