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, Letter from Joseph Bonomi, 76 Great Titchfield Street, to Benjamin West

Gentlemen, two days past I received this letter
From Mr Bonomi

“Dear Sir”

This Morning I received a letter from my Corres-
pondent in Rome Dr M.A. Borsi, concerning the death of Mrs
Angelica Kauffman, which I shall transcribe word for word.
“The letter to Mr Bonomi from

Rome 7th November 1807

Dear Sir,

What for some time I foresaw, after about twenty
days confinement in bed, with the greatest tranquility of spirit, always
present to herself, having twice received the blessed Sacrament & two
days before Extreme Unction, perfectly resigned, courageously met the
death of the Righteous on Thursday last 5th Inst at half past two in the
afternoon, the great Woman, the always illustrious, holy & most pious
Mrs Angelica Kauffman. I shudder in acquainting you with such
unfortunate news, knowing the grief that it will cause to you, & to
Mrs Bonomi. I shall now relate the particulars of her Ilness, & Funeral.
During her severe ilness all her numerous friends, did what they could to
restore her, & every one was grieved in the apprehension of loosing her, You
may easily believe more than I can express how much their grief encreased
at her Death, I only therefore shall mention, that they vied with each
other, in endeavouring to perform their last duties in the most decorous
obsequies; celebrated this morning in the Church of S. Andrea delli
Fratti, conducted by Canova, & other virtuosi friends. The Church was
decorated as is customary for Nobles; at 10 o'clock in the morning the Corpse was
accompanied to the Church by two very numerous Brotherhoods, 50 Capuchins
[mutilation] Priests. The bier was carried by some of the Brotherhood, but the

, Letter from Joseph Bonomi, 76 Great Titchfield Street, to Benjamin West

four Corners of the Pall, by four Young Ladies properly dressed for the
occasion, the four tassels were held by the four first Gentlemen of the
Academy, these were followed by the rest of the Academicians &
Virtuosi who carried in triumph two of her Pictures; & every one
with a large waxe taper lighted”_______

This, Sir, is the melancholy account I thought it my duty
to acquaint transmit to you as President of the R. Academy.
Be pleased, You & Mrs West to accept my and Mrs Bonomi’s Compliments
& I have the honor to be,
Dear Sir,
Your obedient humble Servant
Joseph Bonomi

76 Gt Titchfield Street
Monday Afternoon Decr 21st 1807

Letter from Joseph Bonomi, 76 Great Titchfield Street, to Benjamin West

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Letter from Joseph Bonomi, 76 Great Titchfield Street, to Benjamin West


21 Dec 1807



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1 piece, 2pp.

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SB 24

Historical Background

Read at meeting of General Assembly of 23 December 1807, and transcribed in full in the minutes.

Content Description

The letter contains an account of the death and funeral of Angelica Kauffman.