Diary in printed "Student's Journal"

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Diary in printed "Student's Journal"


25 Sep 1821 - 24 Sep 1822



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1 volume

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Contains resolutions for the year. Much of the journal concerns the progress of his practice in painting, notes of books read, visits and social events, journies to Mortlake. Each week has a space for a "weekly review" in which Ward criticizes his work and resolved to do better. One early entry agonises over how long to work on a painting, contrasting the approach of Cregan on one pole and Briggs on the other. [October 1821] Visits to Northcote and Constable, whose professional attitude is a great inspiration. [December] Social engagements in London and attendance at the Schools of the Royal Academy under Fuseli. Sits for his bust by Bonomi. [January 1822] Views the British Gallery exhibition with Leslie, impressed by the work of E. Landseer. [Feburary] Invited by Thomas Lawrence to see his portrait of the Pope before it goes to Rome. Discusses Landseer's technique. Conversazione at Grays Inn Coffee House. Works on a portrait of Mr. Gibson. Goes to see Cosway's prints. [March] Conversation with Northcote (refers to "F p.2"). Flaxman lectures at the R.A, draws from a figure set by Wilkie. Thoughts on the close of the R.A. Schools for the season. [April] Readying his picture of Gibson for the R.A. exhibition. Sends his portrait of Mr. Richardson to Yorkshire. An evening at W. Westall's. Northcote says Reynolds shared his love of panoramas. [May] Varnishes his picture at the R.A. Goes to Martin's exhibition, "makes my head giddy". Travels to Ditton. Visits Lord Stafford's gallery to study Titian. [June] Spends time with Jackson, where he meets Chantrey. [July] Visits the James Ward exhibition in Newman St. [August] Studies at the RA, visitor Baily. The index has been compleated solely with an eye on comments concerning painting.


Some entries are written in a type of shorthand.