Dennis Hopper - the Lost Album

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Dennis Hopper - the Lost Album





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1 piece, double crown

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Illustration: <i>Andy Warhol</i> and members of the Factory, 1963. Photograph, 1667x251mm; Untitled (Hippies on grass), 1967. Photograph, 175x252mm; <i>Robert Rauschenberg</i>, 1966. Photograph, 186x246mm; Untitled (American Indians), 1965. Photograph, 165x250mmm; Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim attheir wedding in Las Vegas, 1965. Photograph, 170x249mm; Double Standard, 1961. Photograph, 175x249mm; Irving Bloom and Peggy Moffitt, 1964. Photograph, 167x249mm; Jefferson Airplane, 1965. Photograph, 166x245mm; Durango, Mexico (cowboys and fire), 1965. Photograph, 172m249mm; Andy Warhol, Henry Geldzahler, David Hockney and Jeff Goodman, 1963. Photograph, 172x247mm; Martin Luther King Jr., 1965. Photograph, 233x343mm; Untitled (Hippies in Griffith Park, 1961-67. Photograph, 163x240mm. All images by Dennis Hopper. The Hopper Art Trust © Dennis Hopper, courtesy The Hopper Art Trust.