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Council minutes, vol. 10

RA Collection: Archive

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Council minutes, vol. 10


27 Mar 1844 - 29 Dec 1852



Extent & medium

1 vol., 429pp.

Content Description

Volume of minutes of the Council, including the following selected entries: note of a letter from Sir Robert Peel, recording his satisfaction at having helped to resist the House of Commons inquiry into the Royal Academy’s affairs, 2 August 1844; entries concerning the inspection of paintings in the exhibition by Art Union prize holders, 2 August 1844; text of an address to Louis Philippe, King of France and a copy of his response, 9 October 1844; a copy of a letter from Sir Martin Archer Shee announcing his decision to resign as President and accompanying resolution of the Council, 5 June 1845 and further letter from Shee, 14 June 1845; the decision to confer £300 annually on Shee in recognition of his services to the Royal Academy, 20 August 1845; copies of correspondence with the Society of British Artists, 18 and 31 March 1846; copies of correspondence with the Living Model Academy, 14 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London, relating to a request for an annual grant, 11 June 1846; text of a memorial to HM Commissioners for Woods and Forests requesting that doors be added to the passage through the Trafalgar Square building in order to reduce serious inconvenience to the Royal Academy, 12 February 1847 copy of the reply, 26 February 1847 and copy of letter granting permission, 20 May 1847; text of a memorial addressed to Queen Victoria requesting that consideration be given to the Royal Academy taking over the whole of the Trafalgar Square building should the National Gallery be relocated and detailing the inconvenience that the Royal Academy was suffering as a result of a shortage of space for the Schools, exhibition and administrative offices, 26 May 1851; and a transcript of a letter from John Prescott Knight, successfully arguing that his office of teacher of perspective should be made a professorship, 10 January 1852.