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Council minutes

RA Collection: Archive

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Council minutes


05 Jan 1971 - 07 Dec 1971



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1 file, 54 pieces

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Minutes of meetings of the Council, including the following selected entries: discussion of various proposals of the Policy Advisory Committee contained in a paper dated 5 January 1971, including the decision that while no new age limit should be fixed, “the recruitment of some younger members should be encouraged by thoughtful nominations coupled with exhibition facilities” and agreement that the Chairman of the Policy Advisory Committee should attend any meeting of Council at which the proposals of his Committee were on the agenda for discussion, 22 January 1971; discussion of the Royal Academy’s charitable status, which was said by the President, Sir Thomas Monnington, to be worth £25,000 to £30,000 per annum, and which “on no account should be placed in any jeopardy”, 16 February 1971; unanimous agreement to restore Gilbert Spencer to the list of Senior Academicians, after he had asked to withdraw his resignation of October 1968, 9 March - 8 April 1971; the resolution that, as of 1 January 1972 [subsequently revised to 1 June 1972] the number of Academicians should be increased [from forty] to fifty (with a minimum of eight sculptors, six architects and four engravers or draughtsmen, two of whom were to be engravers) and that the number of Associates should be reduced to twenty-five (with a minimum of four sculptors, three architects and two engravers or draughtsmen (one of whom was to be an engraver) [with the same maximum membership of seventy-five], 18 May 1971; note of the recovery of Sir Alfred Gilbert’s diploma work, a [bronze] statuette entitled ‘Victory’ [which had been stolen from the Library in 1970], after it had been purchased from a shop in Finchley Road, London, 29 June 1971; the decision to investigate the reintroduction of ivories for Schools students and the provision of a form of identification for members, on the recommendation of the President, Sir Thomas Monnington, 5 October 1971; agreement on a suggestion of Sir Robin Darwin, that the Council should periodically invite painter members of great distinction to present their palettes, preferably with paint, 5 October 1971; and discussion of security against bombs, 6 November - 7 December 1971.