September 2014


RA Exhibitions 1d ago

Anselm's alchemy

Throughout his career, the German artist Anselm Kiefer has confronted the weight of the past and the power of myth on a monumental scale. As the RA stages a major retrospective, Martin Gayford chronicles the e...


Artists 1d ago

Through artists’ eyes

Three Royal Academicians – an architect, a sculptor and a painter – respond to memory, mystery and material in the work of Anselm Kiefer.


Opinion 4d ago

The elusive inspiration of John Constable RA

Ahead of an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Fred Cuming RA pays tribute to his work, and his lasting influence.


RA Recommends 4d ago

Our pick of this week's art events: 12 - 19 September

From fifteenth century China at the British Museum to Raqs Media Collective's new exhibition at Frith Street Gallery.


Artists 6d ago

David Remfry RA on the major turning point in his practice

A remarkable look into how a chance encounter in 1988 liberated the Academician's painting practice.


Inside the Academy 6d ago

Short stories with Tim Winton

Internationally esteemed novelist Tim Winton reads from his collection of short stories 'The Turning'.


Opinion 6d ago

'Beyond Limits' at Chatsworth House

Academicians from Antony Gormley to Bill Woodrow are on display in Sotheby's annual sculpture show at Chatsworth House.


Artists 7d ago

Black artists in British art

An insight into Eddie Chambers's 'Black Artists in British Art: A History from 1950 to the Present', the first comprehensive study on the topic.


Opinion 8d ago

New books bring artists and writers together

A quick look at some of the new titles which draw on the connection between art and the written word.


Inside the Academy 10d ago

Reimagining Mayfair

Owen Hopkins reports on the culmination of a project that invited design teams to propose new and speculative ideas of what Mayfair could look like in the future.


Artists 11d ago

A look inside the studio of Sandra Blow RA

As abstract art pioneer Sandra Blow RA is celebrated by two Cornwall shows, Jonathan Grimble and Denny Long from her Estate give us a tour of her atmospheric studio space in St Ives.


RA Recommends 11d ago

Our pick of this week's art events: 5 - 11 September

From two very different exhibitions at Hauser & Wirth to coastline prints by Norman Ackroyd RA at Mall Galleries.


Opinion 13d ago

Painting the mystery

We take a look at the latest work from the President of the RA, whose paintings embrace the transcendent powers of abstraction.


Opinion 13d ago

Connecting the English Romantic tradition with minimalist photography in six steps

Sam Phillips investigates the six degrees of separation between J.M.W. Turner RA and Hilla Becher's architectural photography.


Our Collection 17d ago

Artist of the Month: September 2014

A student at the RA schools, John Phillip RA's association with the Royal Academy began at a young age, stowing away on a ship from Aberdeen to London to visit the Royal Academy Exhibition.


RA Recommends 18d ago

Our pick of this week's art events: 5 - 11 September

From an exhibition of the late works of JMW Turner RA at Tate Britain to 1930s fashion photography from Horst P. Horst.


Our Collection 18d ago

Object of the month: September 2014

Combining several elements of his work, this piece features the crowds common to works by Lowry, who often painted from memory or imagination.


Inside the Academy 20d ago

Find out what happens at an RA photography workshop

Have you ever walked around London and wished you’d had a camera to hand and the confidence to capture the street life of the capital?

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August 2014


Artists 24d ago

In Memoriam: Alan Davie RA

The Academician's art dealer and lifelong friend remembers a life well lived.


Artists 24d ago

In the studio with Will Alsop RA

Known for his colourful urban buildings, the Academician also retreats to paint in his Norfolk studio.


Opinion 25d ago

Are high prices good for art?

Georgina Adam says that the money has allowed artists and art lovers new opportunities, while J.J. Charlesworth argues that high prices have turned artworks into investments.


Article 26d ago

Remembering Sir Philip Dowson PRA

A few personal notes on a fellow architect and mentor by Sir Michael Hopkins RA.


Opinion 26d ago

Melvyn Bragg on his love of Rembrandt

As a major show of Rembrandt’s late works opens, Bragg considers the artist’s achievement as a consummate witness of life.


Opinion 26d ago

Egon Schiele: The body electric

Although their erotic and existential angst once fell foul of public taste, Egon Schiele’s nudes have stood the test of time, argues Simon Wilson.


Article 1mth ago

Contemporary calendar: Autumn 2014

From recent works by Jasper Johns Hon RA to the Frieze Art Fair, we bring you ten essential London exhibition openings for your diary.


Our Collection 1mth ago

In pictures: restoring a national treasure

Behind the scenes with the conservators working on our Maclise cartoon.


Artists 1mth ago

Art Party: coming to a cinema near you

A new film by Bob and Roberta Smith RA and Tim Newton has its first screening at the RA.


Artists 1mth ago

Michael Sandle RA on William Dalrymple’s book 'Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan'

The Academician and sculptor finds history repeating itself on reading an illuminating analysis of Britain’s first Afghan war.


Artists 1mth ago

Behind the scenes: Anselm Kiefer's studio at Barjac

In the lead-up to his major RA exhibition this autumn, we take a look inside the artist's huge "gesamtkunstwerk" in the south of France.


RA Exhibitions 1mth ago

Curator Petra Giloy-Hirtz picks her top works in 'Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album'

The exhibition curator highlights four moments of 1960s America immortalised through Hopper's unique photographs.


Inside the Academy 1mth ago

RAted open call 2014

How would you like to make the leap from Etsy and creative fairs to the shelves of the Royal Academy?


Artists 1mth ago

Our picks from the A-level Summer Exhibition Online

As the exhibition draws to a close, we asked three RA members of staff to select their highlight.


RA Exhibitions 1mth ago

Summer Exhibition Edit: Amber Jane Butchart

We’ve challenged three guest speakers to choose the five works in this year’s Summer Exhibition that intrigue them the most. Fashion historian and DJ Amber Jane Butchart guides us through her favourite works.


RA Exhibitions 1mth ago

Summer Exhibition Edit: Will Gompertz

We’ve challenged three guest speakers to choose the five works in this year’s Summer Exhibition that intrigue them the most. BBC’s Arts Editor Will Gompertz attempts to narrow down his top picks from the pleth...


Inside the Academy 1mth ago

Getting creative with Summer Exhibition art trays

Summer holiday fun for tiny Turners and kid Constables.


RA Exhibitions 1mth ago

Summer Exhibition Edit: Susie Allen

We’ve challenged three guest speakers to choose the five works in this year’s Summer Exhibition that intrigue them the most. Curator Susie Allen guides us through her picks, which all relate to the concept of ...


Opinion 2mths ago

Gego: rediscovering an extraordinary artist

As a new exhibition of her work opens at the Henry Moore Institute, 'Radical Geometry' co-curator Adrian Locke discusses the work of Gertrude Goldschmidt.


Inside the Academy 2mths ago

RA exhibitions: reflecting a world at war

As the conflict continued, the Royal Academy adapted its exhibition programme to support the war effort.


RA Recommends 2mths ago

Art outdoors: public art to see this summer

We're taking a break from our regular format and stepping outside the gallery walls for a special summer issue of RA Recommends.


Opinion 2mths ago

A betrayal of trust? The Warburg Library under threat

One of the the world’s foremost academic resources, London’s Warburg Institute Library, is under threat, 80 years after being saved from the Nazis. Martin Kemp argues vehemently for its survival.


Inside the Academy 2mths ago

Consequences of war

The First World War took a heavy toll on the Royal Academy's artists, staff and students - and left indelible scars on our building.


Our Collection 2mths ago

Object of the Month: August 2014

Taken from one of the artist's sketchbooks, this captures the Italian town of Nonantola just prior to the beginnings of the First World War.


Our Collection 2mths ago

Artist of the Month: August 2014

George Clausen is remembered for the range of his remarkable accomplishments, both as an artist and as a dedicated Member of the RA.


Inside the Academy 2mths ago

Dazzle ships and the Royal Academy

How the RA played a role in the development of a dazzling new form of camouflage.


Inside the Academy 2mths ago

The Royal Academy joins the war effort

With volunteers drilling in the courtyard and the Red Cross taking over the galleries, the RA soon found itself at the centre of the war effort.


Inside the Academy 2mths ago

4 August 1914: the declaration of war

A snapshot of the Royal Academy on 4 August 1914, with the country poised on the brink of war.


RA Recommends 2mths ago

Our pick of this week's art events: 1 - 7 August

From the beginnings of colour photography in Russia to the powerful and poetic portraits of artist Celia Paul.


RA Exhibitions 2mths ago

Curator Adrian Locke picks his top five works in 'Radical Geometry'

'Radical Geometry' is now in full swing and with such a wealth of inspiring works on view, we asked co-curator Adrian Locke to choose his favourites.