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Artists 16d ago

Our picks from the A-level Summer Exhibition Online

As the exhibition draws to a close, we asked three RA members of staff to select their highlight.


RA Exhibitions 16d ago

Summer Exhibition Edit: Amber Jane Butchart

We’ve challenged three guest speakers to choose the five works in this year’s Summer Exhibition that intrigue them the most. Fashion historian and DJ Amber Jane Butchart guides us through her favourite works.


RA Exhibitions 16d ago

Summer Exhibition Edit: Will Gompertz

We’ve challenged three guest speakers to choose the five works in this year’s Summer Exhibition that intrigue them the most. BBC’s Arts Editor Will Gompertz attempts to narrow down his top picks from the pleth...


Inside the Academy 16d ago

Getting creative with Summer Exhibition art trays

Summer holiday fun for tiny Turners and kid Constables.


Inside the Academy 1mth ago

Uncovering Beguiling Books

Ever wondered how we plan for our monthly Family Studios? Book artist Anna Nunhofer takes us behind the scenes of the Learning department as she prepared for July’s workshop ‘Beguiling Books’.


RA Exhibitions 1mth ago

Summer Exhibition 2014: First time exhibitors

Six of the artists from this year's Summer Exhibitions share their thoughts on being selected for the first time.


Inside the Academy 1mth ago

School’s out for the summer

Looking for ways to keep your kids interested this summer? Why not try a visit to the Summer Exhibition, a perfect opportunity to introduce children to art.


Artists 2mth ago

Building blocks of the city

On Sunday, the RA played host to a great LEGO challenge.


Artists 3mth ago

Bob and Roberta Smith’s guide to the Summer Exhibition

Art now is more popular than it ever has been. We are in an era where art is at the centre of a public conversation about who we are, and where we want to go.


Inside the Academy 3mth ago

Summer comes alive at our Midsummer Night’s Fête

Celebrate the Solstice with the RA. We’ve got blues, burlesque and barnstorming yarns for you at our very special late night event.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Judging the A-level Summer Exhibition Online

The judging panel of this year’s A-level Summer Exhibition Online discusses their selection process.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Summer Exhibition 2014 prizes announced

Wolfgang Tillmans RA announced as winner of the Charles Wollaston award.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Opening the Summer Exhibition in style

The Summer Exhibition Preview Party is one of the most glamorous events in the London calendar - and a major fundraiser for the RA.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

An introduction to the 246th Summer Exhibition by Cornelia Parker RA

Cornelia Parker RA explains what's different about this year's Summer Exhibition and the inspiration behind her 'Black and White' themed room.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Varnishing Day at the Summer Exhibition 2014

Celebrating with the artists in this year's Summer Exhibition.


Inside the Academy 4mth ago

A summer of architecture

Hot on the heels of 'Sensing Spaces' we have an exciting programme of architecture events and exhibitions coming up this summer.


Our Collection 4mth ago

‘Deeds not words’: Suffragettes and the Summer Exhibition

On the 100 year anniversary of Mary Wood's attack on Sargent's portrait of Henry James, we delve into the Royal Academy’s archive to find out how the Academy, and the public, reacted.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Summer Exhibition 2014: Judging

In the second of our behind-the-scenes videos about the RA Summer Exhibition 2014, we take a look at the judging process and speak to the exhibition's coordinator Hughie O'Donoghue RA.


Artists 4mth ago

The One Show Summer Art Competition 2014

We are delighted to be working with the BBC on a very special competition this summer.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Artists submit their work for the Summer Exhibition

In the first of our behind-the-scenes videos about the RA Summer Exhibition 2014, we speak to some of the artists submitting their work.


RA Exhibitions 5mth ago

Lundahl & Seitl introduce 'Symphony of a Missing Room'

Swedish-born artists Lundahl & Seitl are bringing their experiential artwork 'Symphony of a Missing Room: Archive of the Forgotten and Remembered' to the RA this summer.


Inside the Academy 6mth ago

Lost and found

A mysterious artwork at this year’s Summer Exhibition is not to be missed.