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Inside the Academy 3mth ago

Francis Kéré’s straws travel to Sierra Leone

Rebecca Milling describes the story of how straws from our 'Sensing Spaces' exhibition travelled to Swawou Layout Foundation Primary School for Girls, Sierra Leone.


Opinion 6mth ago

Wandering Words

'Sensing Spaces' was a transformative exhibition for the RA in lots of ways and from the beginning we wanted to break new ground in the types of events we organised for it.


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Celestine's castle

Elodie Biegman is eight years old. Her mother is one of our Patrons, and they recently attended the Patrons family morning of the Sensing Spaces exhibition. Here’s what Elodie made of it...


Inside the Academy 7mth ago

Building brilliance

It’s not only the critics who have been hailing the success of 'Sensing Spaces'; the exhibition has been a huge hit with school groups too.


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

Take home a taste of ‘Sensing Spaces’

What happens to the works in our exhibitions once the final visitor has departed? In the case of ‘Sensing Spaces’ we’re offering the exclusive opportunity to take home your favourite pieces.


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

Making verses

The third Friday in February saw us host a multi-sensory experience in the spectacular setting of 'Sensing Spaces'.


Inside the Academy 7mth ago

Happy birthday Sydney Smirke

A special late opening of ‘Sensing Spaces’ as part of our attRAct programme.


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

Seeing scents

Fragrance designer Jo Malone has a nose for architecture as well as scent, as we discovered on a visit Kengo Kuma’s aromatic installation in our ‘Sensing Spaces’ exhibition.


Opinion 8mth ago

How do you make an architecture exhibition?

This is a question that has vexed countless curators over the decades. For an exhibition of art, it’s seemingly obvious. But what does this mean when you're presenting the work of an architect?


Artists 8mth ago

Meet the architects: Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura

More than any other architects, Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura have made me look with a fresh eye at the Royal Academy’s galleries and architecture.


Inside the Academy 9mth ago

Something in the air...

How's this for a crane's eye view of the London skyline?


Artists 9mth ago

Meet the architects: Kengo Kuma

It may seem a strange term for an architect to coin, but Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has been developing an idea of what he calls “weak architecture”.


Inside the Academy 9mth ago

Building the show: coat racks and carpenters

The emerging installations give me a thrill as I walk through the galleries, checking drawings, looking at details, observing the teams solving all sorts of practical issues on site.


RA Exhibitions 9mth ago

A serendipitous moment and a hint of what’s to come

Shortly after I had been sent the initial ideas by Siza and Souto de Moura I headed into the Main Galleries to consider how they would work.


Inside the Academy 9mth ago

Building the show: a peek behind the scenes

Christmas and the holiday period was rather a surreal time. While others were thinking about feasts and wrapping presents, our minds were reeling with schedules of lorries and orders for installation.


Artists 9mth ago

Meet the architects: Diébédo Francis Kéré

When putting together this group of architects I purposefully sought out those who would bring a variety of perspectives on how we think about architecture and the spaces around us.


Artists 10mth ago

Meet the architects: Li Xiaodong

It was when sitting with Li Xiaodong in a courtyard garden in the Huairou district, a mountainous area near the Great Wall, an hour north of Beijing, that many of his observations of Chinese culture and sensib...


Inside the Academy 10mth ago

A taste of Sensing Spaces

Sensing Spaces will transform the RA's Main Galleries with structures, light, sounds and smells. Hear from behind the scenes as the exhibition installation gets underway.


RA Exhibitions 10mth ago

Pezo Von Ellrichshausen: to the Pacific edge

Curator Kate Goodwin visits a "heroic" house perched high, overlooking the ocean in Chile.


Artists 10mth ago

Meet the architects: Sofia von Ellrichshausen and Mauricio Pezo

Spending some time with the Chilean architects who 'consider' rather than 'design'.


RA Exhibitions 10mth ago

Grafton: from Chandigarh to Cordoba

In my last post, I discussed how Grafton Architects wanted to explore what ‘being present’ in an architectural space means. But what spaces have been in their minds as they design their interventions to our ga...


Artists 11mth ago

Meet the architects: Grafton

“Buildings tell the stories of our lives in built form… We walk through and feel spaces with our whole bodies and our senses, not just with our eyes and with our minds. We are fully involved in the experience;...


RA Exhibitions 11mth ago

Doors of perception

How do buildings make us feel? In the RA’s ‘Sensing Spaces’ exhibition, leading international architects build extraordinary new structures in the Academy’s galleries for visitors to explore. Jay Merrick respo...


RA Exhibitions 11mth ago

Who's who in Sensing Spaces

Introducing the architects taking part in 'Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined'.