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RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Curator Arturo Galansino picks his top five works in 'Renaissance Impressions'

As the exhibition comes to an end this weekend, curator Arturo Galansino selects his favourite works in the show.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Looking good on paper

How does the RA ensure the works of art it borrows remain in exemplary condition? Eleanor Mills charts the conservation challenges of bringing the woodcut prints in ‘Renaissance Impressions’ to the UK.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Experimentations in Chiaroscuro: Beccafumi’s Prints, Oil Sketches and Marble Intarsia

National Gallery curator, Dr. Jennifer Sliwka, discusses the works of Domenico Beccafumi.


Inside the Academy 5mth ago

Printmaking with Anne Desmet RA

Royal Academician and printmaker Anne Desmet led a workshop for attRAct students, taking inspiration from our current exhibition, 'Renaissance Impressions'.


Artists 5mth ago

Ancient and modern

From traditional engravings to cutting edge digital techniques: the RA Schools is a hive of creative approaches to printmaking.


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Renaissance Impressions: An Introduction

Exhibition curator Arturo Galansino introduces 'Renaissance Impressions'.


Artists 6mth ago

Making a mark: #PrintMonth at the RA

Welcome to Print Month. This April we’re celebrating the versatile art of printmaking, with a packed programme of exhibitions, events and online activity.


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

Out of the shadows

As exceptional examples go on display in ‘Renaissance Impressions’, printmaker Anne Desmet RA reveals the story behind this pivotal development and discusses why these rare prints continue to dazzle us today.

Artists 7mth ago

Learning by making

Inspired by our ‘Renaissance Impressions’ exhibition, Stephen Chambers RA decided to create his own chiaroscuro woodcut. Here he shares his discoveries and includes his step-by-step guide.