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RA Exhibitions 2mths ago

Experimentations in Chiaroscuro: Beccafumi’s Prints, Oil Sketches and Marble Intarsia

National Gallery curator, Dr. Jennifer Sliwka, discusses the works of Domenico Beccafumi.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Renaissance Impressions: An Introduction

Exhibition curator Arturo Galansino introduces 'Renaissance Impressions'.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Short stories with William Boyd and Ed Stoppard

William Boyd and Ed Stoppard read short stories in the galleries of 'Sensing Spaces'.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Creating ‘Sensing Spaces’

Curator Kate Goodwin explains the process behind the development and creation of this exhibition.


RA Exhibitions 5mth ago

Becoming an architect

Ivan Harbour and Tracy Meller of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners discuss what attracted them to architecture as a career


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Honoré Daumier and Quentin Blake

World famous illustrator (and occasional fellow-lithographer) Quentin Blake considers the significance and achievement of Daumier’s work in journalism, in conversation with arts educator Ghislaine Kenyon.


Artists 7mth ago

Timothy Hill: architecture in Australia

Architect Timothy Hill discusses his current projects and reflects on the conditions of architecture in Australia.


Artists 7mth ago

Tim Winton: the island seen and felt

Author Tim Winton explores his belief that ‘Australia the place is constantly overshadowed by Australia the national idea.'


Artists 7mth ago

Shaun Gladwell: performance landscapes

Internationally acclaimed Australian contemporary artist Shaun Gladwell discusses his video 'performance landscapes'.


RA Exhibitions 8mth ago

The Antipodean dream

Catch up on our fascinating event with 'Australia' exhibition artist Imants Tillers.


RA Exhibitions 8mth ago

Land and landscape: the colonial encounter

A lecture by Ron Radford, Director of the National Gallery of Australia.


RA Exhibitions 8mth ago

A tale of two countries

Catch up with the podcast of our lecture with Dr Sarah Scott, from the Australian National University.