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Inside the Academy 2mths ago

Summer comes alive at our Midsummer Night’s Fête

Celebrate the Solstice with the RA. We’ve got blues, burlesque and barnstorming yarns for you at our very special late night event.


Opinion 3mth ago

The forces shaping London’s skyline

In light of the recent launch of the ‘Skyline’ campaign and the publication of the Farrell Review, Owen Hopkins discusses the effects on London of the deficiencies of our current planning system.


Opinion 4mth ago

Wandering Words

'Sensing Spaces' was a transformative exhibition for the RA in lots of ways and from the beginning we wanted to break new ground in the types of events we organised for it.


RA Recommends 4mth ago

Architecture in Focus: April 2014

Swimming in the Thames, a new Serpentine Pavilion and the Pritzker Prize winner announced.


Opinion 4mth ago

Reimagining Mayfair

In partnership with the Architects’ Journal, we are launching an open call for architect-led teams to put forward bold new ideas for reimagining the area of Mayfair directly to the north of our Burlington Gard...


RA Recommends 5mth ago

Georgian Britain, Crystal Palace and the influence of High-Tech

From derelict Detroit to the return of Crystal Palace: the biggest stories in architecture this March.


Opinion 6mth ago

How do you make an architecture exhibition?

This is a question that has vexed countless curators over the decades. For an exhibition of art, it’s seemingly obvious. But what does this mean when you're presenting the work of an architect?