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Curator Petra Giloy-Hirtz picks her top works in 'Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album'

The exhibition curator highlights four moments of 1960s America immortalised through Hopper's unique photographs.


RA Exhibitions 1mth ago

Summer Exhibition Edit: Amber Jane Butchart

We’ve challenged three guest speakers to choose the five works in this year’s Summer Exhibition that intrigue them the most. Fashion historian and DJ Amber Jane Butchart guides us through her favourite works.


RA Exhibitions 1mth ago

Summer Exhibition Edit: Will Gompertz

We’ve challenged three guest speakers to choose the five works in this year’s Summer Exhibition that intrigue them the most. BBC’s Arts Editor Will Gompertz attempts to narrow down his top picks from the pleth...


RA Exhibitions 1mth ago

Summer Exhibition Edit: Susie Allen

We’ve challenged three guest speakers to choose the five works in this year’s Summer Exhibition that intrigue them the most. Curator Susie Allen guides us through her picks, which all relate to the concept of ...


RA Exhibitions 2mths ago

Curator Adrian Locke picks his top five works in 'Radical Geometry'

'Radical Geometry' is now in full swing and with such a wealth of inspiring works on view, we asked co-curator Adrian Locke to choose his favourites.


RA Exhibitions 2mth ago

Summer Exhibition 2014: First time exhibitors

Six of the artists from this year's Summer Exhibitions share their thoughts on being selected for the first time.


RA Exhibitions 2mth ago

Peter Fonda in Conversation

In celebration of the RA's exhibition 'Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album', the BFI hosted a special event with Peter Fonda.


RA Exhibitions 2mth ago

Carlos Cruz-Diez in conversation

The legendary Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez discusses his experiments with colour and movement, and how he engages viewers with his art.


RA Exhibitions 2mth ago

A look inside 'Radical Geometry'

Explore some of the highlights in our exhibition of groundbreaking abstract art from 20th-century South America


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Intercontinental connections

Artist John Carter RA explains how his work resonates with Buenos Aires artists in ‘Radical Geometry’.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Dennis Hopper's photography comes to the RA

Dennis Hopper was the epitome of 1960s American counter-culture. As an exhibition of the actor and director’s photographs comes to the RA, Jonathan Romney assesses this diverse body of work to reveal an astute...


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Modern Art of South America comes to the RA

How does an art movement travel to a new continent? As the RA’s ‘Radical Geometry’ opens, Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro maps the cultural and political changes that were crucial to the development of abstraction in S...


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Dennis Hopper: Icon of Oblivion

In celebration of the RA's forthcoming exhibition ‘Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album’ the BFI is launching a Dennis Hopper retrospective in July, showcasing a selection of Hopper's finest films.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Judging the A-level Summer Exhibition Online

The judging panel of this year’s A-level Summer Exhibition Online discusses their selection process.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Summer Exhibition 2014 prizes announced

Wolfgang Tillmans RA announced as winner of the Charles Wollaston award.


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

RA Schools students discuss their upcoming final show

As students from the RA Schools prepare for their final show, what are their feelings about leaving after three intensive years of study? Some of them discuss the issues they face with Schools tutor Brian Grif...


RA Exhibitions 3mth ago

Opening the Summer Exhibition in style

The Summer Exhibition Preview Party is one of the most glamorous events in the London calendar - and a major fundraiser for the RA.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

An introduction to the 246th Summer Exhibition by Cornelia Parker RA

Cornelia Parker RA explains what's different about this year's Summer Exhibition and the inspiration behind her 'Black and White' themed room.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Varnishing Day at the Summer Exhibition 2014

Celebrating with the artists in this year's Summer Exhibition.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Curator Arturo Galansino picks his top five works in 'Renaissance Impressions'

As the exhibition comes to an end this weekend, curator Arturo Galansino selects his favourite works in the show.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Summer Exhibition 2014: Turning the tables

Can an establishment institution like the Royal Academy be a radical force? As this year’s Summer Exhibition focuses on an influx of newly elected Royal Academicians, Ben Luke puts the question to Members old ...


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Looking good on paper

How does the RA ensure the works of art it borrows remain in exemplary condition? Eleanor Mills charts the conservation challenges of bringing the woodcut prints in ‘Renaissance Impressions’ to the UK.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Tasting architectural drawings

Neil Bingham, curator of the RA exhibition 'Dream Draw Work: Architectural Drawings of Norman Shaw RA' confesses to a curatorial crime.


RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

Experimentations in Chiaroscuro: Beccafumi’s Prints, Oil Sketches and Marble Intarsia

National Gallery curator, Dr. Jennifer Sliwka, discusses the works of Domenico Beccafumi.

RA Exhibitions 4mth ago

An introduction to 'Radical Geometry'

This summer the RA presents an exhibition of some of the most exciting geometric abstract art ever made.


RA Exhibitions 5mth ago

Summer Exhibition 2014: Judging

In the second of our behind-the-scenes videos about the RA Summer Exhibition 2014, we take a look at the judging process and speak to the exhibition's coordinator Hughie O'Donoghue RA.


RA Exhibitions 5mth ago

Artists submit their work for the Summer Exhibition

In the first of our behind-the-scenes videos about the RA Summer Exhibition 2014, we speak to some of the artists submitting their work.


RA Exhibitions 5mth ago

Lynn Chadwick sculptures go on display

A group of sculptures by Lynn Chadwick RA (1914 - 2003) has been installed in the Royal Academy's Annenberg Courtyard, as part of celebrations to make the centenary of his birth.


RA Exhibitions 5mth ago

Lundahl & Seitl introduce 'Symphony of a Missing Room'

Swedish-born artists Lundahl & Seitl are bringing their experiential artwork 'Symphony of a Missing Room: Archive of the Forgotten and Remembered' to the RA this summer.


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Renaissance Impressions: An Introduction

Exhibition curator Arturo Galansino introduces 'Renaissance Impressions'.


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Anselm Kiefer in conversation with Tim Marlow

Watch our video of Anselm Kiefer Hon RA discussing his work with broadcaster and art historian Tim Marlow ahead of his major UK retrospective this autumn.


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Announcing Anselm Kiefer at the RA

Today is an exciting day for the Royal Academy. We launched our next single artist show to the press: Anselm Kiefer.


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Celestine's castle

Elodie Biegman is eight years old. Her mother is one of our Patrons, and they recently attended the Patrons family morning of the Sensing Spaces exhibition. Here’s what Elodie made of it...


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Short stories with William Boyd and Ed Stoppard

William Boyd and Ed Stoppard read short stories in the galleries of 'Sensing Spaces'.


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Take home a taste of ‘Sensing Spaces’

What happens to the works in our exhibitions once the final visitor has departed? In the case of ‘Sensing Spaces’ we’re offering the exclusive opportunity to take home your favourite pieces.


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Creating ‘Sensing Spaces’

Curator Kate Goodwin explains the process behind the development and creation of this exhibition.


RA Exhibitions 6mth ago

Premiums: Meet the artists

Meet some of the RA Schools students exhibiting in this year's 'Premiums: Interim Projects'


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

Making verses

The third Friday in February saw us host a multi-sensory experience in the spectacular setting of 'Sensing Spaces'.


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

Out of the shadows

As exceptional examples go on display in ‘Renaissance Impressions’, printmaker Anne Desmet RA reveals the story behind this pivotal development and discusses why these rare prints continue to dazzle us today.


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

New prints on the block

There is a fresh spirit of experimentation at this year’s London Original Print Fair, which takes place in the RA’s Main Galleries. Mark Hampson, the RA Schools’ Head of Material Processes, picks the printmake...


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

Under the influence

What is in the minds of art students today? We find out what's feeding the imaginations of RA Schools’ second-year students – and what direction their work is taking – ahead of their group exhibition in the Ro...


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

Seeing scents

Fragrance designer Jo Malone has a nose for architecture as well as scent, as we discovered on a visit Kengo Kuma’s aromatic installation in our ‘Sensing Spaces’ exhibition.


RA Exhibitions 7mth ago

Hide and seek

Certain exhibitions are especially rewarding to put together, and 'Norman Stevens ARA: Selected Prints' is definitely one of them. Not only has the project had close input from the artist’s family and friends,...


RA Exhibitions 8mth ago

Becoming an architect

Ivan Harbour and Tracy Meller of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners discuss what attracted them to architecture as a career


RA Exhibitions 8mth ago

A serendipitous moment and a hint of what’s to come

Shortly after I had been sent the initial ideas by Siza and Souto de Moura I headed into the Main Galleries to consider how they would work.


RA Exhibitions 8mth ago

Honoré Daumier and Quentin Blake

World famous illustrator (and occasional fellow-lithographer) Quentin Blake considers the significance and achievement of Daumier’s work in journalism, in conversation with arts educator Ghislaine Kenyon.


RA Exhibitions 10mth ago

Pezo Von Ellrichshausen: to the Pacific edge

Curator Kate Goodwin visits a "heroic" house perched high, overlooking the ocean in Chile.


RA Exhibitions 10mth ago

The Antipodean dream

Catch up on our fascinating event with 'Australia' exhibition artist Imants Tillers.


RA Exhibitions 10mth ago

Land and landscape: the colonial encounter

A lecture by Ron Radford, Director of the National Gallery of Australia.


RA Exhibitions 10mth ago

Grafton: from Chandigarh to Cordoba

In my last post, I discussed how Grafton Architects wanted to explore what ‘being present’ in an architectural space means. But what spaces have been in their minds as they design their interventions to our ga...


RA Exhibitions 11mth ago

A tale of two countries

Catch up with the podcast of our lecture with Dr Sarah Scott, from the Australian National University.


RA Exhibitions 11mth ago

Doors of perception

How do buildings make us feel? In the RA’s ‘Sensing Spaces’ exhibition, leading international architects build extraordinary new structures in the Academy’s galleries for visitors to explore. Jay Merrick respo...


RA Exhibitions 11mth ago

Who's who in Sensing Spaces

Introducing the architects taking part in 'Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined'.