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Artist of the Month: September 2014

A student at the RA schools, John Phillip RA's association with the Royal Academy began at a young age, stowing away on a ship from Aberdeen to London to visit the Royal Academy Exhibition.


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Object of the month: September 2014

Combining several elements of his work, this piece features the crowds common to works by Lowry, who often painted from memory or imagination.


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In pictures: restoring a national treasure

Behind the scenes with the conservators working on our Maclise cartoon.


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Object of the Month: August 2014

Taken from one of the artist's sketchbooks, this captures the Italian town of Nonantola just prior to the beginnings of the First World War.


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Artist of the Month: August 2014

George Clausen is remembered for the range of his remarkable accomplishments, both as an artist and as a dedicated Member of the RA.


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James Ward RA's 'Defence of the Beard'

A small pamphlet, discovered deep within our archives, shows that the beard as the defining feature of hipster facial fashion has been around longer than you might think.


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RA Collection acquires first film work

The film 'Love has no reason' by RA Schools graduate Julie Born Schwartz has been added to the Royal Academy's historic Collection.


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Artist of the Month: July 2014

As a flamboyantly self-styled "working-class cockney", Ruskin Spear RA found subjects for painting in the pubs, snooker halls and streets of Hammersmith, Fulham, Shepherd's Bush and Chiswick.


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Object of the month: July 2014

These two canvases are a study for a panoramic work, 'A Closer Grand Canyon', which was made up of 96 individual canvases and painted in 1998.


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Artist of the Month: June 2014

The works of the architect, and subject of our 'Dream, Draw, Work' exhibition, recall the now rare traditional skills and techniques of architectural design, from working drawings to beautiful ink drawings.


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Object of the month: June 2014

One of the treasures of the Royal Academy Collection is now on display in a new exhibition about Michelangelo at the Capitoline Museum in Rome.


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Object of the Month: May 2014

One of the most influential figures in twentieth-century British art, Sickert's Diploma work uses an impasto style to depict the ornate Baroque decorations of the Santa Maria della Salute in Venice.


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Artist of the Month: May 2014

Child prodigy Angelica Kauffman went on to be a founder-member of the Royal Academy. Her paintings and drawings were widely reproduced and were particularly popular in England, often being used in interior dec...


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‘Deeds not words’: Suffragettes and the Summer Exhibition

On the 100 year anniversary of Mary Wood's attack on Sargent's portrait of Henry James, we delve into the Royal Academy’s archive to find out how the Academy, and the public, reacted.


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From aquatints to woodcuts: a visual glossary of original prints

We take a look at the main printmaking techniques and some of the terminology you'll encounter when looking at original prints.


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Object of the Month: April 2014

The influence of Aitchison’s travels to Italy is evident in this representation of the Crucifixion, presented to the Academy on his election.


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Artist of the Month: April 2014

Born in Florence, Italy, the son of a goldsmith, Bartolozzi trained with his father before enrolling at the Florentine academy in 1742.


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Restoring a masterpiece

Thanks to a grant from Arts Council England, Daniel Maclise’s monumental 'Waterloo' cartoon is to undergo conservation treatment in time for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in 2015.


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Special delivery

Helen Valentine, our Senior Curator, and Edwina Mulvany, our Registrar, have just returned from Australia where they were installing the exhibition 'Genius and Ambition'.


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Object of the Month: March 2014

In 1910, C. Lewis Hind in the Art Journal, summarised Mark Fisher's working practice thus: 'He just walks out, sees something, feels an irresistible desire to paint it, and proceeds to paint it in the open air...


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A chance discovery

A recently discovered drawing turns out to be a design by Richard Norman Shaw RA for the biscuit barrel that he presented to the Academy in 1883.


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Artist of the Month: March 2014

Born in Bradford in 1937, Norman Stevens enrolled at the city's art school to study painting aged only 15.


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History returns

A slice of history has recently returned to the Royal Academy after over 200 years, in the form of an intriguing drawing by John Flaxman RA.


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Object of the month: February 2014

Terry Setch painted 'Smoked Out' for the exhibition Images of Paradise held at Harewood House, Yorkshire, in 1989. The exhibition was organised by Survival International, a group dedicated to protecting the li...


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Artist of the month: February 2014

George Frederic Watts RA was an influential and pre-eminent painter during his own lifetime. He became known for his portraiture and his Symbolist allegorical paintings, frequently depicting scenes from mythol...


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Object of the month: January 2014

Joseph Farquharson RA was a landscape painter who was celebrated for his winter scenes, which he infused with a strong sense of atmosphere and mood.


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Artist of the month: January 2014

Robert Anning Bell presented 'The Women Going to the Sepulchre' to the Royal Academy as his diploma work on his election as a Royal Academician in 1922.