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Inside the Academy 2d ago

Short stories with Tim Winton

Internationally esteemed novelist Tim Winton reads from his collection of short stories 'The Turning'.


Inside the Academy 7d ago

Reimagining Mayfair

Owen Hopkins reports on the culmination of a project that invited design teams to propose new and speculative ideas of what Mayfair could look like in the future.


Inside the Academy 17d ago

Find out what happens at an RA photography workshop

Have you ever walked around London and wished you’d had a camera to hand and the confidence to capture the street life of the capital?


Inside the Academy 1mth ago

RAted open call 2014

How would you like to make the leap from Etsy and creative fairs to the shelves of the Royal Academy?


Inside the Academy 1mth ago

Getting creative with Summer Exhibition art trays

Summer holiday fun for tiny Turners and kid Constables.


Inside the Academy 1mth ago

RA exhibitions: reflecting a world at war

As the conflict continued, the Royal Academy adapted its exhibition programme to support the war effort.


Inside the Academy 1mth ago

Consequences of war

The First World War took a heavy toll on the Royal Academy's artists, staff and students - and left indelible scars on our building.


Inside the Academy 1mth ago

Dazzle ships and the Royal Academy

How the RA played a role in the development of a dazzling new form of camouflage.


Inside the Academy 2mths ago

The Royal Academy joins the war effort

With volunteers drilling in the courtyard and the Red Cross taking over the galleries, the RA soon found itself at the centre of the war effort.


Inside the Academy 2mths ago

4 August 1914: the declaration of war

A snapshot of the Royal Academy on 4 August 1914, with the country poised on the brink of war.


Inside the Academy 2mths ago

Lights Out at the RA: commemorating the First World War

We're joining in with a national moment of reflection on Monday 4 August.


Inside the Academy 2mths ago

London in black and white

Inspired by 'Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album', a crowd of teenagers from the RA’s youth programme attRAct took to the streets of Soho to document the city.


Inside the Academy 2mth ago

Uncovering Beguiling Books

Ever wondered how we plan for our monthly Family Studios? Book artist Anna Nunhofer takes us behind the scenes of the Learning department as she prepared for July’s workshop ‘Beguiling Books’.


Inside the Academy 2mth ago

School’s out for the summer

Looking for ways to keep your kids interested this summer? Why not try a visit to the Summer Exhibition, a perfect opportunity to introduce children to art.


Inside the Academy 2mth ago

Accessing art: SEN family workshops

Claire Madge observes a family SEN (Special Educational Needs) workshop at the RA.


Inside the Academy 3mth ago

Francis Kéré’s straws travel to Sierra Leone

Rebecca Milling describes the story of how straws from our 'Sensing Spaces' exhibition travelled to Swawou Layout Foundation Primary School for Girls, Sierra Leone.


Inside the Academy 3mth ago

Out and about with the Friends of the RA

Friends Events Coordinator Courtney Cooke explains how her team formulates ideas for events, and how you can join us on one of these exclusive trips.


Inside the Academy 3mth ago

Community Art Club: forging a connection

For many homeless and marginalised people, art-making can seem a closed-off world. Our learning team tell us how the RA is trying to change that.


Inside the Academy 3mth ago

Your friend in high places

Chair of the Friends Board of Trustees Denise Wilson talks to Sam Phillips about her role at the Academy.


Inside the Academy 3mth ago

Summer comes alive at our Midsummer Night’s Fête

Celebrate the Solstice with the RA. We’ve got blues, burlesque and barnstorming yarns for you at our very special late night event.


Inside the Academy 4mth ago

Family fun: time to rhyme at the RA

If you came down to the RA last Sunday, you were sure of a big surprise…


Inside the Academy 4mth ago

Where art meets fashion

For the first time we have joined forces with the British Designers' Collective to celebrate British talent.


Inside the Academy 5mth ago

Behind the scenes in the Learning Department

Two of our interns tell us about what life is like working in the Learning Department at the RA.


Inside the Academy 5mth ago

A summer of architecture

Hot on the heels of 'Sensing Spaces' we have an exciting programme of architecture events and exhibitions coming up this summer.


Inside the Academy 5mth ago

Teenage kicks at the RA

Great news for families and young people! As of early June 2014, we are extending our offer of free admission to all exhibitions here at the RA to children aged 15 and under.


Inside the Academy 5mth ago

Arts education... What’s next?

Picture the scene: you’re an A-level art student, approaching the end of your course and considering your educational future. What comes next?


Inside the Academy 5mth ago

Printmaking with Anne Desmet RA

Royal Academician and printmaker Anne Desmet led a workshop for attRAct students, taking inspiration from our current exhibition, 'Renaissance Impressions'.


Inside the Academy 5mth ago

Strike a pose… What it’s like to be a life model

As part of the RA Outreach programme we give school students across the UK the chance to take part in life drawing workshops to discover the important role that drawing can play in developing creativity. But w...


Inside the Academy 5mth ago

Families create Lego masterpieces in our latest workshop

On Sunday 13 April families gathered at the Royal Academy to participate in our epic pre-Easter celebrations at the 'Lego Reimagined' workshop.


Inside the Academy 5mth ago

Family fun: Make your own prints

Inspired by the chiaroscuro woodcuts in 'Renaissance Impressions', our Learning Department recently held a fun hands-on workshop for families.


Inside the Academy 6mth ago

Certificate of authenticity

New Royal Academicians are awarded a Diploma that has been printed by hand from the same copper plate since 1769. We visited Simon Lawson to take you through the elaborate printing process.


Inside the Academy 6mth ago

How do you see me?

This Friday, we welcome the theatre company Small Things, who will present a performance that challenges perceptions of age and ageing.


Inside the Academy 6mth ago

With William Kent at Burlington House

As the V&A celebrates the highly influential artist and designer, we reveal how William Kent’s career came to life with his work for Burlington House – now the home of the Royal Academy.


Inside the Academy 6mth ago

Building brilliance

It’s not only the critics who have been hailing the success of 'Sensing Spaces'; the exhibition has been a huge hit with school groups too.


Inside the Academy 6mth ago

Introducing our new website

As you might have noticed, our website has changed. This is the first stage of ambitious plans to open up the Academy and provide new ways to engage with art and artists.


Inside the Academy 6mth ago

Take your tablets...

In the midst of this historic institution, a digital revolution is taking place. Here we introduce the Californian technology pioneers who are transforming our virtual world, starting with this brand new websi...


Inside the Academy 7mth ago

How do Academicians get elected?

Recent years have seen a host of new innovations here at the RA, but the election process for new Academicians has hardly changed in almost 250 years. Here is how it all works.


Inside the Academy 7mth ago

Happy birthday Sydney Smirke

A special late opening of ‘Sensing Spaces’ as part of our attRAct programme.


Inside the Academy 7mth ago

The genius of Kent

As the V&A explores the influential career of William Kent this season, we explore three works that testify to the abiding achievements of 18th-century Britain’s most versatile artist and designer.


Inside the Academy 7mth ago

Lost and found

A mysterious artwork at this year’s Summer Exhibition is not to be missed.


Inside the Academy 8mth ago

Family fun times at 'Funny Faces'

Families put on their most gorgeous grins and came along to the RA for the January Family Studio workshop ‘Funny Faces’, inspired by the work of French artist and caricaturist Honoré Daumier.


Inside the Academy 8mth ago

Something in the air...

How's this for a crane's eye view of the London skyline?


Inside the Academy 8mth ago

Building the show: coat racks and carpenters

The emerging installations give me a thrill as I walk through the galleries, checking drawings, looking at details, observing the teams solving all sorts of practical issues on site.


Inside the Academy 8mth ago

Building the show: a peek behind the scenes

Christmas and the holiday period was rather a surreal time. While others were thinking about feasts and wrapping presents, our minds were reeling with schedules of lorries and orders for installation.


Inside the Academy 10mth ago

A taste of Sensing Spaces

Sensing Spaces will transform the RA's Main Galleries with structures, light, sounds and smells. Hear from behind the scenes as the exhibition installation gets underway.


Inside the Academy 10mth ago

Pride of place

With the opening of the Academy’s Keeper’s House, a haven for artists and art lovers has been created in the heart of London.

Inside the Academy 10mth ago

Nicolas Bourriaud: What is the exform?

Culture, history and rejection in the Google era.


Inside the Academy 11mth ago

How HLF funding will transform learning at the RA

We've recently been awarded £12.7m by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). It'll transform our buildings – but also the way we engages with our visitors.


Inside the Academy > 1y ago

Reading in the Life Drawing Room

A one-day symposium concerned with the management of reading, with Lucy Skaer, Angie Keefer, Nina Power, Cally Spooner and Natasha Soobramanien.


Inside the Academy > 1y ago

Chris Kraus: A Very Literary Confession

Theory, fiction, criticism, confession?