Artists 4d ago

David Remfry RA on the major turning point in his practice

A remarkable look into how a chance encounter in 1988 liberated the Academician's painting practice.


Artists 5d ago

Black artists in British art

An insight into Eddie Chambers's 'Black Artists in British Art: A History from 1950 to the Present', the first comprehensive study on the topic.


Artists 9d ago

A look inside the studio of Sandra Blow RA

As abstract art pioneer Sandra Blow RA is celebrated by two Cornwall shows, Jonathan Grimble and Denny Long from her Estate give us a tour of her atmospheric studio space in St Ives.


Artists 22d ago

In Memoriam: Alan Davie RA

The Academician's art dealer and lifelong friend remembers a life well lived.


Artists 22d ago

In the studio with Will Alsop RA

Known for his colourful urban buildings, the Academician also retreats to paint in his Norfolk studio.


Artists 1mth ago

Art Party: coming to a cinema near you

A new film by Bob and Roberta Smith RA and Tim Newton has its first screening at the RA.


Artists 1mth ago

Michael Sandle RA on William Dalrymple’s book 'Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan'

The Academician and sculptor finds history repeating itself on reading an illuminating analysis of Britain’s first Afghan war.


Artists 1mth ago

Behind the scenes: Anselm Kiefer's studio at Barjac

In the lead-up to his major RA exhibition this autumn, we take a look inside the artist's huge "gesamtkunstwerk" in the south of France.


Artists 1mth ago

Our picks from the A-level Summer Exhibition Online

As the exhibition draws to a close, we asked three RA members of staff to select their highlight.


Artists 2mths ago

Richard MacCormac RA remembered

People from around the RA pay tribute to leading architect Sir Richard MacCormac, who has died aged 75 following a long illness.


Artists 2mths ago

10 minutes with... Cathie Pilkington RA

Each month, we have a quick chat with one of our Academicians to find out what they're up to and what the RA means to them.


Artists 2mth ago

Zaha Hadid RA on the influence of Malevich in her work

As a major Malevich show goes on view, Zaha Hadid RA reveals how her use of painting and drawing to develop buildings was inspired by the artist.


Artists 2mth ago

Hughie O’Donoghue RA contemplates art of the First World War

As an exhibition honouring the British art of the First World War opens at the Imperial War Museum a century after its outbreak, the painter discusses the impact of these works.


Artists 2mth ago

David Remfry RA’s watercolours at Fortnum & Mason

Painter Mick Rooney RA gives his own inimitable take on David Remfry RA’s witty watercolours, a new installation in the department store’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon.


Artists 2mth ago

The fruits of Barbara Rae RA's recent travels go on display

The vibrant colours and traditional textiles of Mexico have weaved their way into the painter's recent 'Rebozo' series.


Artists 2mth ago

Norman Ackroyd RA discusses his watercolours

A new book of Norman Ackroyd RA’s watercolours captures the immediacy of the moment, as the artist explains.


Artists 3mth ago

Mathew Tom & the RA Schools Starr Fellowship

Vivid colours are coupled with formal simplicity in the recent artworks exhibited by Mathew Tom in the RA Schools studios.


Artists 3mth ago

10 minutes with... Tim Shaw RA

Each month, we have a quick chat with one of our Academicians to find out what they're up to and what the RA means to them.


Artists 3mth ago

Building blocks of the city

On Sunday, the RA played host to a great LEGO challenge.


Artists 3mth ago

Tracey Emin talks about 'My Bed'

Tracey Emin RA's 'My Bed' (1998), one of the seminal works of the Young British Artist generation, goes up for sale at Christie's on Tuesday 1 July.


Artists 3mth ago

Ed Ruscha remembers Dennis Hopper

As the RA prepares for 'Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album', Honorary Royal Academician Ed Ruscha reflects on his friendship with the legendary actor, director and photographer in 1960s Los Angeles and beyond.


Artists 3mth ago

An interview with Amy Petra Woodward

The artist discusses her exhibition in the RA's Gallery Café.


Artists 3mth ago

In the studio with Phillip King PPRA

Fiona Maddocks meets sculptor and former RA President Phillip King in his studio in a converted north London factory.


Artists 3mth ago

Bob and Roberta Smith’s guide to the Summer Exhibition

Art now is more popular than it ever has been. We are in an era where art is at the centre of a public conversation about who we are, and where we want to go.


Artists 4mth ago

Stephen Chambers RA's 'The Big Country' travels to the Pera Museum

The RA is curating a major exhibition in Istanbul of prints and paintings by Stephen Chambers, including his giant screen print shown at the RA in 2012, writes Emma Hill.


Artists 4mth ago

10 minutes with... Emma Stibbon RA

Each month, we have a quick chat with one of our Academicians to find out what they're up to and what the RA means to them.


Artists 4mth ago

Sam Phillips meets Terry Setch RA

Continuing our series on artists’ epiphanies, Sam Phillips visits the Welsh beach that transformed Setch's art.


Artists 4mth ago

Paint inspiration: Ken Howard RA

Ken Howard RA's range of interior paints created specially for the Royal Academy is inspired by his beloved Venice, a city where he has had a studio for the past 10 years.


Artists 5mth ago

Paint inspiration: David Mach RA

The artist's new paint range for the RA draws inspiration from his life and work.


Artists 5mth ago

Red Alan's Manifesto

A new artwork by Grayson Perry RA presents a special manifesto for the Royal Academy.


Artists 5mth ago

The One Show Summer Art Competition 2014

We are delighted to be working with the BBC on a very special competition this summer.


Artists 5mth ago

10 minutes with... Mike Nelson RA Elect

Each month, we have a quick chat with one of our Academicians to find out what they're up to and what the RA means to them.


Artists 5mth ago

Ancient and modern

From traditional engravings to cutting edge digital techniques: the RA Schools is a hive of creative approaches to printmaking.


Artists 5mth ago

The beasts are coming

A group of sculptures by Lynn Chadwick RA (1914 - 2003) is being installed in the Royal Academy's Annenberg Courtyard, as part of celebrations to make the centenary of his birth.


Artists 6mth ago

In tribute: Alan Davie RA

President of the Royal Academy Christopher Le Brun remembers the artist who died on 5 April aged 93.


Artists 6mth ago

Phyllida Barlow at Tate Britain

Phyllida Barlow RA has unleashed seven playful giants into Tate Britain’s Duveen Galleries.


Artists 6mth ago

Georg Baselitz: Artist and collector

Georg Baselitz first encountered chiaroscuro woodcuts on a trip to Italy as a young artist. He went on to become an avid collector of these revolutionary prints, many of which are now on display in our exhibi...


Artists 6mth ago

Last chance to bid in RA Schools Auction

Your chance to own work by an Academician and help us to continue to meet the cost of tuition fees for all students at the RA Schools.


Artists 6mth ago

Making a mark: #PrintMonth at the RA

Welcome to Print Month. This April we’re celebrating the versatile art of printmaking, with a packed programme of exhibitions, events and online activity.


Artists 7mth ago

10 minutes with... Conrad Shawcross RA Elect

Each month, we have a quick chat with one of our Academicians to find out what they're up to and what the RA means to them.

Artists 7mth ago

Learning by making

Inspired by our ‘Renaissance Impressions’ exhibition, Stephen Chambers RA decided to create his own chiaroscuro woodcut. Here he shares his discoveries and includes his step-by-step guide.


Artists 7mth ago

An extract from 'Matisse: The Chapel at Vence'

Read an extract from RA Publications' new book on the chapel that Henri Matisse considered his greatest work.


Artists 7mth ago

Cutting it fine

As Tate Modern mounts a major show of Matisse’s cut-outs, painter Mali Morris RA pays tribute to the artist’s directness, inventiveness and exuberance


Artists 7mth ago

Between the lines

In the first of a new series on artists’ epiphanies, Tess Jaray RA reveals three turning points in her understanding of art.


Artists 7mth ago

His dark materials

War, terror and human conflict pervade the art of new RA sculptor Tim Shaw, whose first major solo show opens in Birmingham.


Artists 7mth ago

Out of the ordinary

Michael Craig-Martin RA is installing the commonplace in a far from everyday setting, writes Richard Cork.


Artists 7mth ago

Man of mettle

Academician Anthony Caro was the most influential British sculptor of the post-war era, famously taking sculpture off the plinth. Norman Foster RA pays a personal tribute to the man who collaborated with him o...


Artists 7mth ago

In memoriam: Maurice Cockrill RA

His huge abstract paintings brought a vibrance to the RA’s Summer Exhibitions, while a spirit of openness characterised his role as Keeper of the RA Schools, writes his colleague, senior lecturer Richard Kirwan


Artists 8mth ago

'Sensation' works on view at Christie's

The Royal Academy's 'Sensation' exhibition in 1997 made a major splash in the art world, introducing a wider public to the YBA (Young British Artist) generation of Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and their contempor...


Artists 8mth ago

Meet the architects: Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura

More than any other architects, Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura have made me look with a fresh eye at the Royal Academy’s galleries and architecture.


Artists 8mth ago

Meet the architects: Kengo Kuma

It may seem a strange term for an architect to coin, but Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has been developing an idea of what he calls “weak architecture”.


Artists 9mth ago

Meet the architects: Diébédo Francis Kéré

When putting together this group of architects I purposefully sought out those who would bring a variety of perspectives on how we think about architecture and the spaces around us.


Artists 9mth ago

Timothy Hill: architecture in Australia

Architect Timothy Hill discusses his current projects and reflects on the conditions of architecture in Australia.


Artists 9mth ago

Tim Winton: the island seen and felt

Author Tim Winton explores his belief that ‘Australia the place is constantly overshadowed by Australia the national idea.'


Artists 9mth ago

Meet the architects: Li Xiaodong

It was when sitting with Li Xiaodong in a courtyard garden in the Huairou district, a mountainous area near the Great Wall, an hour north of Beijing, that many of his observations of Chinese culture and sensib...


Artists 10mth ago

Shaun Gladwell: performance landscapes

Internationally acclaimed Australian contemporary artist Shaun Gladwell discusses his video 'performance landscapes'.


Artists 10mth ago

Meet the architects: Sofia von Ellrichshausen and Mauricio Pezo

Spending some time with the Chilean architects who 'consider' rather than 'design'.


Artists 10mth ago

Meet the architects: Grafton

“Buildings tell the stories of our lives in built form… We walk through and feel spaces with our whole bodies and our senses, not just with our eyes and with our minds. We are fully involved in the experience;...

Artists 11mth ago

B is for Bill

As Bill Woodrow RA prepares for his major retrospective at the Academy, Richard Cork talks to him about the extraordinary range of his sculpture and how one recurring theme has grown into a love of beekeeping.


Artists 11mth ago

Fire and water

The RA's Australia show has three rooms dedicated to Aboriginal art. Wally Caruna celebrates this rich vein of indigenous culture by exploring a key work in the show that evokes the ancestral origins of the gr...